My physics teacher sucks!


To you I am hell,
I hold your future in my claws,
You hate me I can tell,
Always weary of my jaws,
I am so much smarter,
You’re a bother,
No I will not barter,
I act as if I am your father,
Your pleas amuse,
I give you impossible tasks,
Then I ridicule your views,
I have oh so many masks,
Every day you come in,
I feed on your sadness,
I make you feel as is you have committed a sin,
I take you to the edge of madness,
I see in your eyes that I bore,
I prey on the weak,
Every culture speaks of me in lore,
I torture you when I speak,
Who am I?
Isn’t it obvious I’m your teacher.

Submitted: November 11, 2012

© Copyright 2023 JoykBoy. All rights reserved.

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