What I am..

I am the shadow in the mirror you thought you saw,
I hide in the darkness and slowly I creep and follow,
Never bothering with your ridiculous barrier you call law,
Look into my soul and you’ll find that it’s hollow,

With me you’ll find that escape can’t be found,
There are no closets in which you can hide,
Through every blackened forest I will hound,
Never do I stumble or break my stride,

Something you should know I am not too kind,
I’ll toy with your mind and destroy your body,
I’ll keep you alive long enough so you lose your mind,
All the hate and evil in Hell I do embody,

My claws are razor sharp and twenty inches long,
My eyes see all and cause you to stop and freeze,
My skillful evasiveness is told through the siren’s song,
My unmatched strength you will know when your throat I squeeze,

I’ll hold you down and dig my claws in,
Your groans of pain are music to my ears,
Ecstasy is what I feel when louder grows your din,
The screams for mercy and violent pleas no one hears,

I’ll trace my claws all around making you shiver,
You’ll sit and silently wonder at your fate,
If you saw my thoughts oh how your heart would quiver,
I’ll tell you now we’ll meet again at Hell’s gate,

Slowly I rip you apart and pull your insides out,
Licking my lips I smell your worry and taste your fear,
While you squirm trying to understand what it’s all about,
Never will you forget my tormented leer,

Look into my eyes and you’ll see what’s in store,
When I rip you apart and taste your blood,
Violence and misery that I create I do adore,
You’ll join my other victims in the riverbeds I flood,

No child, man, or woman has ever been saved,
I do not discriminate, they all fall to my rage,
No preacher can stop me though they’ve ranted and raved,
Forever trapped as my prisoners like birds in a cage,

You have no choice or anything that you can say,
As I take you with me into the flames,
Never again will you be able to see the light of day,
Eternally suffering as the victim of my twisted games….

Submitted: November 14, 2012

© Copyright 2023 JoykBoy. All rights reserved.

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