pawnshop broker

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my life story.

Submitted: May 13, 2008

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Submitted: May 13, 2008



hey mr pawnshop broker whatwould you give for this ring,

im satisfied and the gold still shines,

and the diamonds dosen`t  mean a thing,

you see i brought it for my baby it took all the money i saved,

it looked so nice on his finger but it don`t look nice today.

pardon me sir for crying but surely you sir can see,

the way that my heart is breaking this ring means alot to me,

i worked all hard last summer to buy this band of gold,

the world looks bright and lovely but let me tell you today it seems cold.

now you might think it`s funny if you never get another jewell,

it`s a terrible hurting feeling when the one you love is gone,

so you see i`m buying me a ticket i`m gonna try and leave it behind,

i know it`s a little bit crazy `cause i`ll never get him out of my mind,

so you see mr pawnbroker this rings kind of like myself,

so this really means i`m putting it all alone on the shelf,

guess i`d better be going i`m leaving on the next bus you see,

how i wish i could sell you my heartaches but i`m affraid their going with me.

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