The Player that Played Me!

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The life and times of a young male living amongst the biggest players in town. Just one in particular may have push him a little too far.

Submitted: May 30, 2012

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Submitted: May 30, 2012




The Player that Played




Now Ladies and Gentlemen let me tell you all a story. A story and an experience that was truly a turning point in my life. Now am not saying that what I am about to tell you all is a bad thing considering the way we as men act and behave toward women, but its just something that I have to get off my mind.


Let me begin by telling you guys a little bit about me. I am average sized just about 6’2 18 year old who wishes to play the wonderful game of basketball for the rest of my life. I know I know it’s the same cliché with all African American males who are born with the gift of height and it sounds like a good start to a wonderful life WRONG! Yes I am athletic, gifted, popular, and loved by my parents, but my one flaw is that I struggle with women. Not in an oh am so desperate kind of way, but in ah am not a “player” kind of way.

At this point you might think Oh great I am about to read a long sap story about ones girl troubles, on the contrary this is the complete opposite. This story is about a young childhood friend of mine who is a 17 year old Mack. He is involved a situation that many men have either been in or wanted to be in. His name is Scott and he has a girlfriend and on top of that two other girl’s feelin him. As you might guess now Scott is the player that “messed up my life”. Let me tell you how this all came about. (1)


I and Scott have been friends for as along as I can remember and for the most part he has always gotten the better girl. Now despite what you all out there might think reading this I am not by any means the jealous type, but I mean come on! It seemed like every year there was always someone that liked him. So this time when he went out with Jennifer or Jenn for short I thought it was just the usual girl he’d always go out with, but this one was different. She was different because she played the player. Jenn cheated on Scott which just completely shot down his male ego. So of course the player had to go back to his little black book and return the favor. Remind you that he has a whole book an entire book dedicated to ex’s waiting for him to call. I just can’t believe it sometimes did I ever do something to deserve this Torture! Anyway Scott decides to go and play around with his ex girlfriend Lisa who seriously obsesses over him like a black man obsesses over fried chicken………am just playing, but honestly you guys you don’t even know this girl would kill to get into Scott’s inner circle again. She wants to be with him so badly she would do absolutely anything.

Don’t get me wrong though she is a cutie (with no booty), smart, and beautiful, but she will tell you what’s on her mind in a second. So to be more clear there is a good and bad side to Lisa. Moving on Scott was not done there oh no no no. He was so upset and mad about what Jenn did that he decided that one girl was not enough and that he needed to get one more girl. Just for the record I would had been happy with just one I think that one would get the point across, but you know we all can’t be P.I.M.P’s of the world. (2)



He decided to go back to a girl that he has been digging for about two years. He likes pretty much everything about her. They have a great relationship, but it just hasn’t worked out as boyfriend and girlfriend. So Scott saw this as a great opportunity to rekindle the flame by going back to Monica. So now he has three women wrapped around his arms and here’s the kicker. Are you ready readers? Ok neither of them knows about the other. There is absolutely zero contact between any of them and Scott would like to keep it that way. The way he sees it is if she can cheat why can’t I.   For Scott now he plans to get close to each of them even patch things up with his real girlfriend Jenna and make here feel she is the only thing in his life. As for the others he wants to make them feel special, and care for them to the point that they will think that just like Jenn there is no one else.

Now along with these three girls there is a plan for each of them. The first step of his plan has already happened. On June 5, 2010 it was me and Scott’s Prom day. It was a great night that was full of fun and a night I will not soon forget. As for Scott he needed to take someone. So he decided to take Monica because Jenn was a year younger and could come to Senior Prom with us. Both Monica and Scott were excited and seemed to have lots of fun. He danced with her almost the entire night and was loving ever minute if it. It was an even better night because on top of that he danced with Lisa. Both girls are in our class, but never and I mean never see each other or are in contact with each other at anytime throughout an average school day. So as the night continued something happened as Scott and Lisa danced. Scott as he held Lisa in his arms reached down her dress slowly discreetly and was feeling her little thing that at that moment was so warm, wet, and soft that he almost came on himself right there. If at this point you wondering what am talking about just think a little harder you’ll figure it out sooner or later.


Anyway as the night went on it was our last dance. It was a slow dance and Scott ended the night by dancing with you know who Monica. As they danced Monica promised that she owed him something. Scott with his player like grin said softly “what….” Then before he could say another word Monica kissed him to end the night. As she turned away she said “There it is I hope you’re happy” with the flirtiest of smiles. Well isn’t that some end of a Julie Roberts movie bullshit I mean come on “hope you’re happy” yeah he is happy just look at his pants. I am sorry guys just had to get that one off of my chest. Well at the end of the night Scott was indeed happy, but was also happy that Step 1 was complete. (3)



Now as Jay Z likes to say it’s “On to the next one” and truly this one is if not even more juicy than the one before. So before I tell you about the next step in Scott’s plan Ladies and Gentleman this is where it all happened! The day that brought about all of this I am telling you. So be warned there will be a lot of detail. Ok now it was a windy Sunday afternoon. Scott and I came from basketball practice when Scott gets a call from Lisa. He tells me that she told him to try and come over to her crib. We like any other teenage males in America yeah why not (Well almost like every other male). So we strolled over to her crib and in the beginning it was pretty fun. We laughed and talked with Lisa’s dad, brother, and friends. THEN IT HAPPENED! We all went into Lisa’s room. I thought nothing of it, but then Scott and Lisa started getting closer to the bed. Next thing you know shoes started coming off and all of ah sudden there were two bodies in the bed with no shoes, and the cover on with about three other people in the room. In this situation any guy would be like jut get it in already, but the only problem was that Lisa’s mom was right next door and Scott had no protection. I don’t think I see babies in Scott’s future do you? However Lisa convinced her brother to close the door at all times. This gave Scott and Lisa more time to do the business……if you know what I mean. Of course they know there not idiots what could two people in a bed both male and female under the covers possibly do play hide and go seek. Dumb ass!! Is this what you’re thinking?


After everything was in place Scott started by reentering the bed with Lisa not two far behind. As I sat there I could almost see the lust in Scott’s eyes and the moment of thankfulness that this is happening in Lisa’s. They began to cuddle as the sheets from the bed covered the both of them form sight. From my view you can see them both getting closer and the closer they got the hotter it became and the passion Scott and Lisa showed during that moment. Bras were off, panties, underwear, socks, you name and it was gone. A feeling of hurt and envy for a brief second came over me because all my life I struggled and have waited for that moment when I could feel the insides of a woman and give her pleasure that she herself has never experienced before. At this point a feeling from within came over me and I could do nothing about it.


Maybe it’s a for gone conclusion that some guys have all the luck. But anyway as both Scott and Lisa became intertwined Scott before things got too serious stopped and thought that he should take the safe route and just play with her little warm, wet, soft lips and not the ones you kiss with it ether. From my view it seems that Scott prompted himself up while still underneath the cover right between the lovely legs of Lisa. He stuck his head down and went to town on her lips. As I sat and listened you could just hear the cries of moans coming for Lisa as she couldn’t hold it any longer and just let out one last big scream filled with joyful ecstasy as Scott had her achieve her maximum limit and had one of the biggest organisms ever. Well from what I saw on those American Pie movies I mean you really expect me to know. Afterwards Lisa and Scott began to get dress and that was it for us as we had to leave.

For Lisa it was a magical day, but for Scott it was bitter sweet. He loved that he was getting his, but he remembered that he had a girlfriend and never expected things to go this far. So in a way he sort of regret what he just did. He couldn’t really think about it two much because Lisa was apart of his plan. So Scott waited until the next day to think things though and for step 3 of his plan to go into affect. STAY TUNED!!!!!! (4

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