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A pole notes from his post
The type of men he finds the most.
For logic it watches the sky
And observes the clouds fly by.
When you read, you will see
The nature of humanity.

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012



Being a pole, I can only sigh

While watching shards of time pass by.

As the clouds fly through the sky

Most mens' lives are so nigh.


From this post, I can see

What the patterns of humans be:


Their ignorance is never ceasing,

Vile words their mouths releasing.

Malicious act they do commit,

To their own laws they do not submit.

They do, however, possess a trait

To counter their hist'ry of hate:

Affection is shown to all their friends

And mutual love upon them descends.

Yet where is their love for me,

A lamppost who was once a tree,

Who cast light to allow their glee?


Their malignant nature recurs

Though the characters time alters.

Stars of friendship illuminate their night

While clouds of malice shroud its sight.

Humans don't notice that this is so,

But mistake the clouds for the moon's glow,

So more clouds roll in to take love's place

And to the humans' love deface.

Then a brave wind blows the clouds away

But when he's gone the humans will stray.

The clouds inevitably return

As the humans' love upturns,

But for a brief instant, that wind reveals

humanity's few appeals.

This I've observed from my sentry

From both the poor and the gentry.


But now I give my final thought

As the workman's axe has been brought.

My replacement calmly stands by,

Looking towards the ground, not the sky.

My job has now come to an end

So now I advise my new pole friend:

Up towards the sky, cast your eye

So you may know how love and hate vie.

Shine your light so all may see

The wind who comes to make men free.

They may be convinced to make a change

And to their love they won't estrange.

Now comes the workman's chop

And to the frigid ground I drop.

© Copyright 2018 jp23. All rights reserved.

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