My ecstatic romance

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This is a romance/young adult story that is drawn from some real life experience of mine. It's new territory as far as my writing is concerned, so I'd love some feedback and also some alternative title suggestions. :) enjoy! xxx

Submitted: August 16, 2009

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Submitted: August 16, 2009



Ecstatic Love
‘Bonnie!’ I heard Lee’s voice instantly, and raced down the packed out hallway towards him.
‘Bonnie!’ He called again. I was sprinting now, pushing my way past the thumping decks and frantic dancers.
‘Hey! Ooh, I missed you so much!’ I sighed, wrapping my arms around his sturdy neck.
‘Where have you been all night then?’ he asked.
‘Looking for you, obviously!’ I blurted the words out with a mischievous smile.
‘Are you OK now?’
‘Yeah, sure.’ My arms were still firmly clamped around his neck. I loved how muscular he felt! So warm!
‘Good. I’m glad you’ve calmed down a bit. You looked really bad earlier.’ He continued.
‘It’s ok?’ I said again, cheerfully. ‘I’m fine now.’
‘Alright’, he said, grinning back at me. ‘Why don’t we go through? It’ll be great, honestly!’
Lee took my hand and lead me back through the crowded passageways. I couldn’t help but be impressed by his magnificent art-deco house. There were wonderfully high ceilings, expensive glass panels and even then, well past midnight, the walls glowed bright white. Finally, we came to his living room. The light in there changed. I felt caught in a massive strobe light. A multitude of different colours flashed up and consumed me- green, red purple- I melted into them all. The massive decks, set up in one corner, then belted out tunes that rocked and rumbled around my ears and then entered my mind…
And then we danced. We span and jumped around together for hours. I pulled lee closer in than ever; I wanted to be a part of him. The room was thronging with mad, baying crowds all joining us in our intense frenzy of movement. My heart was racing faster even than the music rhythm, but the droplets of sweat all over my face and clinging to my hair couldn’t stop me. The heat and exertion just didn’t matter.
It seemed like a lifetime before I stopped. There was a fiery throbbing behind my eyes and everything was dizzy like I’d never felt before. ‘Oh no.’ I muttered. My crumbing legs fell back a few feet, before they met the welcoming solidity of a leather sofa. I collapsed into it, and the rest… the rest was simply a blur…
Part 2
I wasn’t at the party with Lee and Bonnie. No; not me, not Jack. However, I could faintly hear the loud, harsh music blaring out of his house, only a few streets away from where I sat. Everybody was there (it was his birthday or something), but instead, I muttered bitterly to myself, whilst sitting under that tree in thick, herbaceous plumes of marijuana smoke.
There was a natural crevice between the roots, where I positioned myself; then ran my hands over the moist earth. This was one of many trees and shrubs, hundreds maybe, that fringed the edge of our school field. This particular tree however, was where they sat together every lunchtime; Bonnie and her vile boyfriend Lee Doyle. He’d sit under this tree with his arms around her sacred waist, mauling her neck and making her face dirty with his putrid hair gel.
God how I hated Doyle! Hated! I listened constantly to his shady, bullshit stories about the women he’d fucked. Then I’d look around to see his turgid face and snarled mouth drooling over some porn magazine, and I’d be disgusted.
‘Just like this place! He’s just like this bloody place!’ I shouted out; and he was. School was just like Doyle-closed, boring, baseless, and belittling to everything that I loved. I could see it’s imposing brick towers stretching up on the far side of the field; polluting the fresh night air. I don’t know why I went there at night. I think it was to feel isolated. I could go there and suddenly become the last person on earth, or the king of the world! something important like that. That night however, it was something far simpler: I just couldn’t stand seeing Bonnie and Lee together.
Beep beep! Beep Beep! Off went my phone. I took it out, flipped it open and this message (I’ve taken the liberty of translating it of course):
Hi Jack, where are you mate? It’s not the same without you! You do know where Lee’s house is don’t you? It’s getting late so please come soon!
Bonnie xxx
Three kisses. If only she meant it. We’d been friends since primary school, and I knew her so well, or so I thought.
Lee’s girlfriend (or simply ‘girl’ might be more appropriate), was delightfully pre-Raphaelite; a gentle angel; true to nature. She always seemed to be so alone amongst foul, make-up clad teenagers with her slight yet wonderfully jagged voice, rosy cheeks and sweet, gorgeous smile.
Thick and flowing blond curls flicked around Bonnie’s slight shoulders, and her eyes were piercing, electrically blue. I loved her for her defiance I suppose; she lived in a terrible passionless teenage world, full of sex and toil and baseless excitement, but she was still Bonnie; happy, innocent and joyous. She was beautiful, so desperately beautiful!
I’d always imagined that we’d go travelling together one day; to somewhere rich and colonial- like Morocco or Turkey maybe. We could be the gorgeous young English couple, and people back home would say things like- ‘Why go there?! They’re all terrorists aren’t they?’. Bonnie and I would laugh at their ignorance and revel in the freedom of that rich, resplendent culture.
I should have been with her that night. I should have been there to protect her from Lee. But I ran…I’ve always run.
I sunk further down into my leather jacket, placed the course joint between my lips and took another long drag. I hadn’t gone to the party; well how could I? Anyway, the opportunity had already passed. I had been sat there for hours.
The breeze, although light, felt like glacial melt-water. It bit into my fingers and neck, sending delightful little goose bumps all over me. I didn’t mind, in fact, I’ve always adored the way in which discomfort concentrates my thoughts.
Above and all around, the darkness was fresh and transparent, like there was nothing between me and the flawlessly vivid constellations. I suppose it was about 3:30am, a little later maybe, and I’d no doubt that their party would soon be over.
‘They’ll all be leaving soon’ I sighed.
‘God!’, I continued. ‘Maybe he’s touched her here… maybe he used his stained yellow fingers to violate her virginity here, under this tree!’
And then on queue, a small shock of pink appeared, in a broad expanse of moonlit grass. Their gait was slow and laboured. The figure’s hands were deep in their pockets, and they walked head down, as if to shelter them from the ever more violent wind. ‘Oh surely not!’, I whispered, but the wispy golden hair was unmistakable. How definitely it was Bonnie!
‘Shall we play a game Jack?! She asked excitedly.
‘A game?’ I repeated, a little puzzled.
‘Yeah a game; like tag or something, you know. It’ll be fun.’ She stood before me, gazing up with an irrepressible grin.
‘Err… well yeah, ok then.’ Bonnie’s pretty smile spread to my own face. Why shouldn’t I play tag? Wasn’t this just what I loved about her; that energy and passion for joy? Even so, I sensed a restlessness about her, and it worried me.
‘Are you sure you’re Ok?’ I asked, concerned.
‘Yeah, why?’
‘Nothing. It’s just that you seem a bit…’
‘Doesn’t matter’, I said, smiling again.
‘Come on, It’ll be just like the old days!
‘Go on then.’ I conceded, feeling curiously liberated.
‘You’re it!’ she suddenly chirped in an eager tone…
Childish, mad, unscripted: It was all of the above. We chased each other around- jumping, laughing. I could feel my spirits rising higher! Higher! and I’d close my eyes to weather each shuddering wave of happiness; to relish each moment with my dearest, dearest Bonnie. It was too intoxicatingly brilliant.
After we’d stopped, we sheltered down together in the thick, unkempt grass. It smelt organic and overpowering. My heart sprinted more than ever; it had barely finished a beat before the next came along and ruptured through my chest. It was torture! I wanted so much to move closer, just to hold her hand. I needed to tell her sometime; I had to!
She sensed my apprehension. I heard a slow rustling, and then felt her delicate fingers timidly seeking out my own. They intertwined. My other hand then reached up, and gently found its way to her jaw line, where it rested, and marvelled at her intense heat and the immaculate curves face.
God knows I didn’t care for sex! Who would when you could just lie there and love a wonderful, happy maiden like Bonnie. I just wanted to hold her, and protect her from the harsh, evil wind.
Then I looked into her placid azure eyes. They were crystal clear, so clear and defined in fact that it was mesmerising, like there were multiple layers, each an interesting and indulgent shade of blue. I saw them becoming more moist and relaxed, until a salty tear ran languidly down her cheek. As I opened my mouth… ‘Are you…’
‘I’m ok’ she sobbed, and then let out a quiet laugh. Soon I joined her in tears of joy.
‘Do you love me Jack?’
‘No. That’s not the word Bonnie… I’d died for you.’
She exhaled, squeezed my hand tightly, and replied ‘I love you Jack.’
I looked down into the soft, round lines of her face. She blushed a little, but her faintly pink cheeks just looked beautiful on her pale and flawless skin. I moved our intertwined hands closer to my body, pulling us closer, until her adorable and elegant nose met mine. Then came the lips. Mine were cracked and sore, but hers felt moist and deeply delicious. I took my sleeve and wiped away the salty tears from her cheeks, as her delicate fingers swept away mine.
Then I tucked my head under hers, and hugged her. I hugged her so tightly, like an old friend. And then I fell asleep in Bonnie’s loving arms.
My eyes snapped open rapidly. They felt tired still, and were clogged up with tears. It was barely dark: a dim blue and orange light was rising in the East, and my watch tolled 5:00am. Everything was blue now rather than black- a deep, oily sky blue.
Darling Bonnie began to stir.
‘Bonnie!’ I whispered.
‘Bonnie!’ She didn’t wake up.
I sat up in the last streams of moonlight, and saw a dim glow down besides her: It was plastic, a plastic bag. Immediately, I felt sick; I just knew. My soul vanished, dry ice filled my throat and mouth, as nervously, I picked it up, and peered inside.
There were four little pink pills, stamped with four little smiley faces; ecstasy.
‘Oh God!’ I screamed aloud,
‘Oh Jesus, no!’
‘Oh God!’
It had taken chemicals for my Bonnie to love me.
Jack Francis Perkin

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