Post Three

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Tedious voice recording transcript of Ted and I.

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




Post Three

Well, I finally heard back from someone on here with some information. Thank you to night terror for helping to guide me in the right direction. However, I can’t heed your advice at this point in time because of the overwhelming desire to write more about this dark fog that has clouded my head. Not to mention the fact that people need to know about The Trepidation more than anything right now, since apparently it can be passed from a human host. Anyway, it’s now confirmed that this beast has come from Panama and wishes to unleash itself in North America. I’m so sorry to whoever may be exposed to this; I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst of enemies.

As for what Ted had told me, it sounds like this creature is using me as its host. What he described to me was incredibly graphic and unsuitable for those of you who may not be age appropriate for this material. When I arrived at his house, I made sure to bring a voice recorder so I wouldn’t miss anything he had to say. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to upload it to my computer so I tediously made a transcript of the conversation (Gary was the manager of the zoo for future reference):

Me: So, Ted, what did you notice at the zoo in the last month and a half since the Spider Monkeys had arrived?

Ted: Well, not much at first. I mean, I thought it was odd that Tiara was so distant from the group since Spider Monkeys actually refer to the oldest female as the leader. But I didn’t really think much of it. I just thought she was abandoned as a baby and wasn’t used to animals like her. Shit got really freaky when the rest of the group got sick, though. They were literally puking up blood and diarrhea from their anuses. It was disturbing. It was even more disturbing when they would sleep because of weird dreams they seemed to have.

Me: What do you mean by that?

Ted: They would sometimes sleep-walk and then fall right on their faces. Other times they would scream in their dreams. I don’t know, nothing had ever happened like that before. Plus, Tiara was starting to act like a mentally healthy Spider Monkey, which didn’t seem right.

Me: Why didn’t anyone report this? It seemed like I was the only one who cared about it!

Ted: That’s not true. A lot of us were concerned. Gary just didn’t want to spend the money on figuring out what was wrong with them because he’s a stingy asshole.

Me: So, why did the zoo close then?

Ted: Because after you got fired things started to get even scarier.

Me: Like what?

Ted: Like the fact that the other animals were starting to exhibit some of the same symptoms. When Gary had enough paying for the animals’ treatment, he closed the place down because it broke the bank.

Me: Was there anything else unusual that you can think of?

Ted: Uh, the fact that you got your ass beat by Tiara was pretty fucking unusual. I mean, what the hell were you even thinking?

Me: I can’t really say. I thought it would be fine since it was just her. I guess I was wrong.

Ted: So, what’s up with the voice recorder and all these questions, anyway?

Me: I’m just… doing research.

Ted: Well, good luck, dude. I hope you find what you’re looking for. Don’t be surprised when you come to a dead end since the vets couldn’t even figure out what went wrong.

That’s when I must’ve shut off the recorder because the rest of the tape was air static. I haven’t had bloody or watery bowels like the monkeys, but I won’t be surprised if I start to. Ted did make me curious to see if I sleep-walk while having the nightmares as well. I found out, later, that I did. It even started to get so horribly bad that I couldn’t even trust myself when I was asleep because I was beginning to speak and walk while having those nightmares. Finding that out was probably one of the scariest moments ever, but my curiosity only grew from there so I had my roommate keep very close attention to me and my behavior when I would sleep-walk. She saw some pretty interesting things to say the least, but that’s for next post.  

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