Wall of souls

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Wall of souls is about a givin soul on this earth who has a deal with the devil read review to seek more information

Submitted: May 09, 2012

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Submitted: May 09, 2012



Your born in this world as a soul Of thy lord a simple task to go through life being in your heart and soul for him who died for our sins. Satan as they say climbs into our hearts and Squeezes thy crimson out and sprinkles black dust which makes the heart and turns it into ashes. Replaced is an earge to work for him to seek his inner self of becoming more powerful than god himself. Painting passionate and religious pictures brings out thy depth and heart in every picture. Satan is honored and speechless which brings him into this young artisans soul. He gives him a deed and for what it says was unspoken to others. He wanted a mural so powerful and evil that shows thy devil as god. Or else the artist would burn for eternity in hell. He paints his heart and soul out but disobeys him painting a gloss white on the wall. He prays next to thy painting. Satan appears and with One touch so painful like a knife through the heart kills him. As the story goes the wall of souls is brought into the picture. The painted wall of white has a picture of every souls life taken and appears on the wall. Everybody in the town which the wall sits that gets mugged beaten and killed paints itself on thy wall and as the innocent looks umoungst it gives them a glance on how cruel the world can be. Can we make it better that's a mystery in the making. As for the young artist he was never discovered no name art prints nothing was found just the wall that sits there today.

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