Siberian Lost!

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I'm lost in the world without my dad and I find out some valued information. I find my father and a special surprise but on our way home things get complicated fast!

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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Submitted: January 09, 2012




Siberian Lost



  Cloaked in my Devour designer foot I stepped outside, everyone knew me as the kid who had problems the so called "untouchable". As I rounded 5th and Anthony I heard a few familiar laughs, it was like jabbed by needles right through the pupil. I turned as and let out just a few words "he died a hero!" then I turned in walked.

  "He died an insane idiot" one of them shouted as I continued down the block to the therapeutic academy. But I knew what my dad really did and that was save life’s he didn’t mind endangering his own life to save someone else’s.

A few short minutes later I arrived at the academy for my regular session with Dr.Klept; as I opened the door a heard a room full of hushes! “Everyone this is Alex” Dr.Klept said to the audience, which to me looked like a huge bush of scare.

I motioned Doc for a whisper I leaned and said “you know I’m shy! Anyways what is this; what are these people doing?”

  He simply replied “these are people from Siberia they have something to tell you; take a seat please.”

Chills shot through my spine, I was in the same room with the people who killed my father! I couldn’t think straight as I cautiously sat down in the seat nearest to Doc.

The eldest looking man in the then shot up and said with a thick very harsh Siberian accent “I’m cutting to the chase, are you the son of Alex Pearson?”

  I replied with my name “I’m Alex Pearson the II”! The man then looked over his shoulder for assurance then looked back at me.

“I have some how do you say well news for you young man although your father who was thought to be dead is still alive. But the government officials of Siberia have him in a so called prison.” The man said without showing any emotion. But everyone new in that room that across seas a prison is just like a bench where you wait for the bus but in this case the bus is a slaughter date!

I flung to my knees and began praying “god oh god”!

  Moments after I got off the plan still moving slow do to the excruciating pain from the jet lag, a taxi approached me but I knew I must come in contact with people as little as possible. I was here on a mission and it wouldn’t be compromised from some simple mistake; in which was easily avoidable. The first place I had to go was to see a man named Suxki who worked underground trade in Siberia where I could get an unregistered mode of transportation. After that I had to find a cheap motel and pay with all cash.

  The sound drowned my ear drum with acid, burning in the length of a millisecond. The glass was everywhere seconds later the maid rushes through the door and begins to clean it up with no eye contact or no words transferring between the two of us. After the maid left I showered and headed out to find the agency in which to make appointments with the prison. On the way I went into a McDonalds to find out they didn’t have a burger or nuggets so I went hungry.

  As I approached the doors to agency I noticed something weird the doors had no handles but a hole in which you stuck your finger in and pulled. When I reached the counter the clerk realized I was English and immediately pointed me in the direction of the sign that said foreigners.

After finally getting what I need I got on my way to meet someone of the name of George Kovach (the man who I was told had my father). I dint know what to expect or if the man actually had my father but I had to know. I climbed up the long staircase to the shiny mahogany double doors. I shook the lever and then knocked; the door was answered by who looked to be and assistant.

Bluntly and fast the women said “Alex come in” I was puzzled how she knew my name!

I said “I’m here to see mr.kovach”

“She said right this way” she was leading me to the office she kept looking back and giving me odd looks. She opened the door and them man looked up and with his accent said “you’re here for your father I suppose?”

“Yes indeed” I replied. He gave me and his maid a look she took me to a cellar where I then saw my father tied his face looked dead and irritated. We both lit up with joy like putting a match on some gas!

Later that night well I was still at mr.kovachs residency, we were all eating dinner like a family or something I didn’t understand but they had arranged for me and my father to go home on a private flight tomorrow night!

  The next morning they allowed me and my father; go onto town and shop with an unlimited visa! We didn’t buy too much we were curious why they were being so dangerous. In the city I noticed this is where I grew up but it was nothing like this. So instead of buying stuff we spent the money exploring the big builds and stuff.

  That night we met back at the residency and the maid pulled me aside and told me she was my mother and said she was coming with us on the flight. I was told my mother was killed at birth I had no recollection of her. It was like meeting the president and him being your brother!

So that night we all boarded the plan my dad and my mom where deeply in love and all over each other” was lost and confused but at least going home with my dad!

A few hours went by on our ride home and my mom started telling me about her and me telling her about me. So the time passed fast but there was just so much to cover. When we were finally nearing the united states we start to here a beeping but we were told to disregarded so another sixty miles passed.

  Then my ears popped suddenly I thought to myself we were dropping and fast over the ocean.  I looked out the window the jets where giving off smoke like and ice-cream truck does ice-cream. I ran to the cock pit but at this point it was like trying to drown a fish impossible!

  I knew it was too good to be true the royal treatment we were played. Now I was dead, what was I thinking, impossible to stop from dying I ran and told my good byes to my family. When we hit the water we all made eye contact. I was happy with my life though we died a family.

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