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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

This book provides full understanding of what monothiesm and polytheism actually is- Believe in One God or many gods, and describe what the prophets has what the Anti-Christ is and then on into even deeper levels of Anti-Matter.


Whether your religious or not. You really can’t contest or deny that HIS-Story(History) repeats itself, and you really have to wonder what was going through the minds of all the Founders of all the Religions of the world. They all taught a universal message of monotheism until the next messenger had to come to renew the monotheist message lost by previous messengers’ followers ignorance to loose/corrupt/alter their universal message due to unfounded selfish personal reasons based upon internal politics, nationalism, and innovation.

Monotheism is the belief in One God with no associates, images, or children of God. That the One God is the creator of all things. People usually associate it with First Commandment of the Ten Commandments, but monotheism goes back way before Moses or the Old Testament. It started with the creation of the universe, along with all the dimensions of time and space, including but not limited to all the polarities of light/darkness, good/evil, man/female,etc of the oneness of creation.

The Founders(or Prophets) of all the religions of the world were in tune with the universal understanding of the monotheism of God’s Divine Law/Order of things, and with the imminent problems associated with polytheism and the conflicts of following man’s law.

Polytheism is the belief by man. That there are many gods, associates, images, and children of god as practiced by all the old countries/nations/cultures of the world like Rome, Greece, Egypt, China, India,etc So is there really a problem with that? Maybe or Maybe Not.

The Messengers fully understood based upon their monotheistic mindset. That the daily play of the polarities of life- good/evil, life/death,etc would be difficult to comprehend by those in a polytheist mindset, and that people should understand that the polarities of life are subjective/relative.

Does the Sun ever really rise and set, or is it a illusion? If you break a plate which piece is the original piece or continent? If you hold a ball. Which way is north or south? It is all subjective/relative.

Revelation such as the mainstream religious scriptures(eg, Bible, Quran,etc) comes to mankind/people from a Messenger four ways- (1) Directly from God to a Messenger; (2) From a Angel or Spiritual Being to a Messenger; (3) Through a Medium like a Burning Bush, Oracle,etc to a Messenger; or (4) Through Dreams to a Messenger. There is no other way.

Thus, The inspiration(or intuition) from anyone other than a Messenger is like pouring clean water into a dirty glass. There is a big difference between instinct and intuition, and most people don’t understand the difference. That is why intuition or e.s.p. from a psychic(or false prophet) does not fulfill prophecy, does not always come true, or is not accurate most of the time.

So what does all this have to do with who the Enforcers of the Anti-Christ are? All the Messengers of the world left universal revelations/messages warning the people of a future One World Government, One World Religion, and One World Order under Man’s Law founded upon a polytheism mindset and not based upon a monotheist mindset under God’s Law/Order.

The Messengers said and warned that people will blindly follow/enforce man’s law for fear of hunger, prison, or death. But what will happen to those who refuse to blindly follow/enforce man’s law? They will be dealt with by those who will blindly enforce/accept man’s law like the people that accept any law they tell them is law like- taxes, segregation, seatbelts laws, immorality, same-sex marriage, crimes against nature or the natural order of things,ect nowadays. But there will always be the minority of people/believers that will resist/violate man’s law. While the majority of the people/masses follows and enforces it like the collective unconscious masses.

The first thing the people have to understand/practice is monotheism under God’s Law again, and forget about the polytheist beliefs of canabalistic human sacrifice to atone for their sins/problems like some religions of today/past or in the twisted believe. That we are in someway “god-like”(to create, but to create anything on earth. we would have to create it from non-existence into existence) or that we are children of God.

This is not something new- All the ancient polytheist cultures/religions believed they were gods, or children of god like the Romans(eg, Father-Zeus, Son/Sun-Apollo), Egyptians(eg, Pharoahs/Stars),etc, and these were the exact polytheists beliefs and the ancient cultures/religions that the monotheist Messengers resisted and warned their followers about. Because to believe this, is to say there is another god/creator other than God, it is polytheist, and it will make you more receptive to accept the Anti-Christ of the One World Order claiming that the Anti-Christ is God as warned by the monotheist Messengers in scriptures/texts.

Since these revelations/scriptures have been revealed. They have been used by all the polytheist sects/divisions of all the religions of the world to make war, genocide, kill eachtother, and to falsely proclaim everytime there is a war, disease, natural disaster,etc. That it is the end of the world and the Anti-Christ is here/coming. This rhetoric has controlled the masses for thousands of years, and the powers that be have no problems keeping the people divided with all these unfounded polytheists sects of religious fanantics/opportunists. That selectively use/teach only parts of the scriptures out-of-context and intentionally don’t use/teach the original universal teachings of all the monotheist messengers.

Today we see a One World Government called the U.N. and dozens of other Countries/Nations (eg, USA,etc) having their soldiers/police/people blindly enforcing/following man’s law under the U.N. or their own Nation’s Laws(instead of God’s Law) for their own financial or political gain, and for so-called humanitarian reasons based upon hidden agendas(economic, religious, or political) like the Empires have throughout History(eg, Rome,etc). That has resulted in unconscious soldiers/police/people actually believing that they are enforcing/supporting some nobel cause or freedom. But what they are really enforcing/supporting is a evil cause by enforcing man’s law under a One World Order of the Anti-Christ.

We must always remember that all the monotheist messengers prophecies/revelations about the Anti-Christ have: (1) Either been lost(or corrupted) from various translations through numerous languages by their followers(and religious scholars) for thousands of years for their own secular ideology; (2) By commentaries that edited/wrote parts of scriptures for decades after the Messengers were gone without any personal knowledge, and (3) what remains is circumscribed to this limited universal teaching- That the Anti-Christ will establish a One World Government for so many years and proclaim that he is God. That the Anti-Christ will sit upon a Throne on Seven Hills. That the people will be required to accept the Mark of the Beast(Symbolic 666) upon their Foreheads or Hands. By believing (mentally) in the Anti-Christ or physically working for the Anti-Christ. And finally that Jesus will come and kill the Anti-Christ to re-establish/enforce God’s Law upon the Earth.


Now let’s take all this ALOT deeper. All the monotheist Messengers have universally taught that God created the Universe out of nothing(NO-thing). That God created the Earth, and then created man and woman in God’s image(ie, pure divine spiritual energy of unconditional love). Then God formed Man out of Earth(or Clay) and then breathed life/spirit into Adam from which we all come from.

God specifically warned Adam not to approach the “Tree of Knowledge” in one part of the Garden of Eden, and said that Satan(or the Anti-Christ) was a enemy to Man. Adam(and all of us) are made from “atoms”(or from the atomic structure) of Earth that makes up the Universe. We are made-up of atoms/matter(or from many generations of atoms/adams). And Satan(or the Anti-Christ) is made up of Anti-Matter (Negative Energy) that is a opposite of Man, Earth, and the Universe created by God. That is why Anti-Matter or the Anti-Christ is a enemy and wants to destroy Man, Earth, and the Universe. We can actually see this Anti-Matter(or Anti-Christ in the form of Negative Energy) corrupting, destroying, and killing man/earth with wars, famine, natural disasters, pollution, crime, and for following the negative energy of the Anti-Christ by following man’s law, instead of God’s Divine Law/Order.

Now let’s see what science has to say about “Anti-Matter”(or Anti-Christ).


Anti-Matter(or Anti-Adam/Atom)

Language English-

In the intense heat of the Big Bang, particles of matter were forged out of pure energy. But for every particle of matter(or atom/adam) created, a 'twin' was also born - an 'anti-particle' identical in mass but with opposite electric charge.

When the Universe was created, the Universe was balanced, with matter and anti-matter created in equal abundance. Then shortly after creation, the anti-matter had all but disappeared, together with almost all the matter, leaving a minute amount of matter alone to form everything that we see around us – from the stars and galaxies, to the Earth and all life that it supports.

Anti-Matter has proven in scientific study that shows that negative atomic particles curl left and positive particles curl right. And that many electron-positron pairs appear as if from nowhere, but they are in fact from photons, which don't leave a trail. Positrons(anti-electrons) behave just like the electrons but curl in the opposite way because they have the opposite charge. Then think about if anti-matter and matter were exactly equal but opposite, then why is there so much more matter in the universe than anti-matter?


Anti-Matter: is a mirror image of matter/atom/adam


Our world is made of matter/atoms, which consists of three types of particles called electrons, protons and neutrons. Each particle has a specific mass and electric charge. For example, the electron has a negative charge, and the proton a positive charge.

Anti-matter particles have the same mass as the particles that make up our world, but carry the opposite charge. For example, the electron, which has a negative charge, has an anti-matter 'twin' with the same mass but the opposite charge; we call the 'anti-electron' a positron.

The particles are virtually identical in every way, except for two properties, one of which is their electrical charge. An electron carries a negative electrical charge, while the positron carries a positive charge. A proton carries a positive charge, while an antiproton carries a negative charge.

Anti-Matter and Matter were created in equal amounts in the Big Bang, but we don't see anti-matter around us today or do we? Imagine sitting on a sandy beach. When you dig a hole, you also create a pile of sand. One cannot be made without making the other: they are complementary - just like particles and anti-particles.

When antiparticles and particles meet, they destroy/kill each other. This process, called 'annihilation', and it liberates all the energy that is stored in their mass. Annihilation can create gamma-rays or even new particle-antiparticle pairs.

Thus, We are all a microcosm or the macrocosm(one wheel turning a bigger wheel) in the divine order of God’s Will, Order, and Creation of the Universe.




Submitted: August 15, 2012

© Copyright 2021 JR Ziegler. All rights reserved.

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Hoo boy. I can't believe I read that entire bundle of crazy. Alright.

First of all, you don't connect your ideas very well. I had a hard time trying to figure out what you were actually trying to say. And when I DID make out what you were getting at, it is pretty much almost entirely factually wrong.

Ancient polytheistic religions (now called Pagan religions) are much, much older than the now popular monotheistic religions such as Christianity and Islam.

MANY people with a "polytheistic mindset" believe in a dual universe. (What you called, polarities). The idea and belief of duality has nothing to do with polytheism, monotheism, or even atheism.

Intuition IS NOT esp. Intuition is a more informed and thoughtful version of instinct. While instinct comes from the primal part of your brain, intuition is the ability to have foresight. For example, a detective may use his intuition to look into a case and suspect someone based on years of working as a detective.

Furthermore, most people of modern society are monotheistic. You describe polytheism as Man's Law, but this is simply inaccurate. You seem to be talking about the separation of the church and the Government, which has nothing to do with polytheism and monotheism but rather the Law and Religion in general.

Modern Polytheists (Pagans) do NOT maker cannibalistic sacrifices or want to harm anyone at all. Hell, not even Satanists want to harm anyone. Any religion with the intent of harming others is a cult and is completely unrelated to Polytheism and Monotheism.

Polytheism also has nothing to do with the Anti-Christ. Polythism is the belief in SEPARATE Gods and Goddesses- most polytheists do NOT believe in the same God as Monotheists.

Satan is not the Antichrist. The Antichrist is described to be the son of the devil. The snake in the garden of Eden is Lucifer.

As for the science you're bringing into it... I'm not going to pretend I understand Anti-matter, but I'm pretty damn sure research on it is still ongoing and it has nothing to do with religion.


xX Half Blood Prince /1

Fri, August 17th, 2012 12:57am

JR Ziegler

Well am glad to see one conscious literate reader in my first days into booksie. NO scirpture/record/text exists that the anti-christ will be the sone of the devil. Hmm Monotheism is the origin of all that exists, and has no beginning/end. Polytheism means just that, and BOTH have gone back/forth for thousands of years. Positive/Negative energy, ideas etc it all depends at which end of the stick you are....

Fri, August 17th, 2012 1:30am


Ah, you're right, my mistake. I read an essay a while back hypothesizing that the antichrist was the begotten son of the devil, and got it mixed up with the bible. Oops :P

And you're right, everything is relative. While monotheists believe their one God was the origin of all and has no beginning or end, some polytheists believe their Gods were the origin of all, with no beginning or end. I believe the separate belief systems have more to do with the number of Gods the person believe in though, rather than the duality of the universe and pos/negative energy

:D Anytime, love discussing religion.

Sat, August 18th, 2012 6:18am


I am not going to talk about your views, as I respect your right to have them. I am, however, going to ask that you go back through this and check all your grammar, specifically the use of periods and commas, and the use of a/an before words. I would also ask that you make sure you know what you want to say before you start writing and you work harder on getting your ideas across fluently, because I was having a really hard time figuring out what your position was and what you were trying to say.

Mon, August 20th, 2012 4:53pm

JR Ziegler

I intentionally use a syntax that can be universally understood by anyone that understands english or is learning to read/write english, and it should be understood the english language has undergone very radical changes in the dynamics of spelling and the meanings of words. If I write "Nu Nay Shun"(New Nation), or "In-Just-Us Cystm"(Injustice System) etc everyone knows what is being said. Sometimes when I am talking/writting about pigs people think I am talking about pork, but I am talking about the police. lol

Tue, August 21st, 2012 2:49pm

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