The Growth of Each Tree

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A reunion, a beautiful week in the wilderness. Cousins meet up, a friend tags a long. 3 People, 1 situation. 3 people, and 6 sunsets...

Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Submitted: February 14, 2012



Jay got his fishing pole out of the bag, gripping the line, making it touch the wood with his right hand, and chocking up on the rubber with his left. He turned to me with a smile. "You ready to get away?" He said. I thought about it, it would be fun. A whole week with Kevin, and meeting up with Jay, who I haven't even known since short after growing up. I was raised up in Wyoming, while he spent his childhood in the desert of Nevada. He would always get all pissy when someone called pronounced that incorrectly. "Ne-vA-da," he says. But apparently "Ne-VAH-da" was incorrect. I would always laugh, watching his face get all red, and his fists clench. His teeth scraped against one another, just furious, waiting to go in for the kill. I laughed,and turned the the road, beside the house. "Yeah," I said. Now I was staring out to the trees, and sand, and road just waiting to take us to the forest. "I think I am, not gonna' be anything short of a fun weekend!" My hands at this point were on my lap, as I sat formally facing Jay. He bent down to pull his knife from the bag. "You seem a bit odd," He responded, giving me a bit of a concerned look, squinting his eyes. "Uh, no! I'm just awaiting a weekend!" "Overexcited?" "No! No," I interrupted, watching him pack his bags into the truck. "I just think that it's gonna be nice, the whole aspect of it." I watched him lift up the heavy bag into the boat, obviously having run out of space in the car, over his shoulders. I could tell he was entirely confused at this point. "What aspect?" He turned to me, facing me with his full attention. "Me and you," He gave an innocent chuckle. "What about us?" "I mean, come on! We're cousins and we barely know each other! I think it'll be good getting to know the person that weve hid from each other." I wiped the dust and rock off of my jeans, continueing to fix my hat that was incorrectly pointing to the right side of my face. "I don't plan on giving out any secrets to you or anything," "Well are we a bunch of dames having a sleepover?" He chuckled at my comment. "No, I suppose not." He stared into my eyes, and I could see that he also was looking forward to his family.

It was 12:00 P.M., kevin was driving us to the campsite. Jay looked over the map, constantly observing the road back and forth, back and forth. "Are we going to a reservation?" He asked, with a concerned sound in his voice. "No! This is pure forest, my man! Pure trees, pure sky, pure SURVIVAL!" Kevin stated, very enthusiastically. He hit his hip as he said "Survival", and gave out a loud, happy cry. "You seem awfully pumped about this trip, for all this bull i've been puttin' up with from your attitude there better be some good fishing up there!" I said. Kevin laughed, "Oh, trust me. Your not gonna be dissapointed. He put his hand out to me for a fist bump. "God your such a queer," Jay laughed at his comment. Kevin turned to Jay with a small uncomfortable smile, "Excuse me?!" He said, sarcastically. I laughed, and we carried on a conversation for about 3 hours. I noticed the car starting to bump, and I could see the rock and gravel we were riding on top of, very roughly. A sign passed by the car, with black print that went by so fast I couldn't beg to read it. It was made of pure wood, and was nearly broken down. "Welcome to Wyoming, boys!" Jay let out a "WHOO!" And I laughed once more, opening another beer I had pulled out from the cooler.

Kevin's feet stomped loudly on the dirt, I sighed with every step. My feet were incredibly tired from walking, and I was about to give in and faint. "Are we almost to the campsite, Captain McPrincess?" Jay joked. Kevin laughed with some confusion in his voice. Kevin was very good at expressing his emotion through his chuckles, and non-verbal responses. And saying that might not of been techinally a compliment. "Were almost there," Kevin said, he was obviously sick of Jay's insensitive responses. Kevin was probably the most affeminate of our group, but only slightly. No one I hung out with was girly of any sort, but Kevin was just so questionably sensitive. But it's hard to judge someone out loud who gutted a fish with his fingernails, and killed a bear with a pocket-knife from the rear, out loud. I was afraid one of these days, Jay would take a step too far, and watch as Kevin slashed his throat open, and gouged out his stomach. I shivered at the thought, "You ok there, Mark?" Jay said to me, concerned at my motion." "Yeah, yeah, just had a-" I hesitated, looking at the ground with a laugh. "Bizzare thought." Jay chuckled, proceeding to look at the map as he walked. Two tents and a cabin became visible as we walked closer toward the center of the woods. "Here we are, gentleman! Casa de' weekwood!" Kevin said, very enthusiastic this time, probably more than he was in the car before. Me and Jay broke out into a roaring laughter, "Casa de' weekwood?" I questioned, yelling it out at the top of my lungs. Jay was weezing with laughter. "Shut up!" Kevin yelled, throwing the bags at our feet. Jay fell to the floor, jokingly. "Oh! Ah!" Jay pretended to loose his breathe, and have a panic attack or something. "Kevin! You broke my foot! I need to go to the hospital!" "What hospital?" Kevin asked, annoyed. "Hospital de' Weekwood!" Jay said beginning to laugh again, I joined in in exciting expression. "I'm gonna go set up the-" Kevin had noticed that we'd stopped listening, and walked toward the cabin. "Tent" He flung his hand back at us, lowering his eyelids in pure irritation and angst.

It was late evening, and I was setting up a fire near the cabin. Jay walked by me, dragging his feet in the dirt. His fishing pole hit the ground with every step, and he turned his head to look at me. "Tonight, you and me, hunting!" He said, with a tiny, almost unnoticable smile. He made the "Im watching you" hand motion, and went back on his walk to the cabin. I laughed, "Sounds good..." I mumbled to myself, rubbing the sticks together, watching the sparks shoot out from the failed fire.

The sun had almost completally gone down now, and Jay got out from the curtain entrance of the cabin. "You ready?" He said. I looked around my head, and noticed his apparel. He was wearing a North-Face jacket, a fishing cap, and was carrying a winchester in his hand. That wasn't the most appropriette gun to go hunting with, I thought to myself. But I noticed the bulge in his pocket, outlining his pocket knife, so I knew he was safe. Not that I cared, I was his cousin, not his mom. "Let us GOOOO!" I yelled out, banging my fists to my chest like King-Kong. He laughed, "Alright, follow me!" I ran right behind him into the wilderness. It was a bit akward following him outside with us both being half-dressed, in the moon-light, but it was fun that I got to meet my cousin almost for the first time. And what a better activity to be going through with him, than hunting? Nothing I could think of could beat this, I was a hunter in Wyoming as a child with my dad, and I could tell he didn't lack anything that stopped him from going at it. The leaves rustled against the forest floor. "Alright, im going over he-" He interrupted me, putting his finger to his mouth with a shhhhhhhh. "Excuse me-" Shhhhhh, he continued, pointing to the trees at something moving. "Oh, right!" I whispered, making an O.K. sign with my fingers. I aimed my gun at the inside barrier of the trees, hoping to spot a night-walker. A gun fire sounded, and I saw him running up to greet a kill. "Yes!" He cried out, throwing his gun on the floor, irresponsibally. I quickly rushed my head back to position, and fired at the nearest moving thing. I met up with his speed, and ran towards whatever it is that I shot. "I got a buck!" I yelled out, pulling my knife from my pocket to collect the meat. "Not very good eating," He commented, looking at my action. I laughed, "Your probably right, what'd you get?" I said quietly back. He reached out to the animal he had martyred, and held it from a long, bushy tail. A small body hung from it, and I couldn't quite make out whatever it was. It wasn't very small, but it wasn't the largest thing I ever saw. He shined his flashlight on it, almost immedietally turning it off, afterwards. "I got a squirrel," He said. I gave out a small chuckle from the back of my throat. He laughed out, quietly, and I joined his laughter, walking back to the campsite, very, very loudly.

Jay finished putting his gun back upside leaning against the house, and headed toward the cabin. "You comin' in?" He asked, turning his head to face me near the fire. I dismissed him with a hand motion, "No, no. Tonight it's just me and the stars. I'll be in within the hour." I said, watching him crawl in through the door, very tired and weak. "You sure?" "Yeah," I replied, looking up slowly toward the sky.

The next morning, I awoke laying on top of the log I had sat upon the previous night. Jay ran outside of the curtains. "What the hell happened to you last night?" He yelled out to me, his arms moving outward to his side. "What?" I responded, very confused. I looked down at my shirt, with a sudden cry out followed by a tiny gasp. My shirt was nearly all ripped apart, and my arm had a huge gash in it. The blood leaked down from the gash, covering the right side of the ground beside me. "Did you hear those noises?" Jay asked me, very concerned. "No, what noises?" He sighed, putting his hand to his face. "This is total crap," I gave him a concerned look, "Im gonna go get cleaned up, it was probably just an animal. This doesn't change our fishing plans!" I yelled out, entering the cabin. I headed to the bathroom, and looked myself straight in the mirror. I saw the cuts, and the bruises running up my arms and chest. My face had had quite the beating, aswell. Whatever happened, it put me in a very bad position. I grabbed the wash-cloth from the holder, and ran it under the cold water. I pulled out the left nozzle, and felt the water slowly becoming warmer until it was too hot to touch. I rinsed the washcloth out in the sink, and shut off the water. Don't want to use up all the hot water, I thought, rubbing the washcloth a long my face, and arms. I unzipped my pants, and pulled them down, closing the door to the side of me. I pulled my shirt off, and hung the towel up on the handle. My hand touched the freezing cold, from the morning's breeze, shower nob. I pulled at it, and lifted up the piece of metal on the bath pipe. My hand pulled out the glass to the side of the shower, and I slowly crept inside. As I looked down at my entirely nude body, I noticed how bad I really had appeared. My legs, especially. My finger nails were solid black, but as the shower progressed, the black slowly faded. I washed myself, rubbing the soap and water throughout my body. I pushed the nob, shutting off the water. My feet stepped outside of the bathtub, touching the small rug placed beneath the glass. I felt a sudden cold feeling traveling through my body as I stepped outside of the shower.

Jay awaited me at the campfire, rubbing a small hanky over the knuckles of his hand. I stepped outside of the cabin, dressed in a brand new, clean outfit. I grabbed my fishing hat off the rack in the garage, and placed it on my scalp. "You all set?" I said, taking my pole from the side of the wall. "The fisher's house is broken." He said, fiddling with the fishing line in his hand. I stepped slowly toward him, placing the fishing line I had into the proper placing. "Excuse me?" I said, concerned at his comment. "Its completally destroyed. The boards torn off, the fabric on the roof has been pulled onto the ground, and the lights were all shattered. I stared at him, very scared, almost angry at what he was telling me. "That's about a mile outward, how do you know?" "I walked there," He said. His tone of voice gave off an essence that made me feel a bit guilty, or atleast tried to. "I was up before you, about 3 hours or so, long after the noises stopped. And I walked there." I propped my pole up in my hands, and walked off to unhook the boat from the truck. It was small, and wooden. Almost like a sailboat, but it would do. For a survial-type setting. He got up about 10 minutes after I started walking, and followed me down to the lake. Kevin was running behind us, and I could hear him panting in the background. Kevin approached us, running up to the boat as we got in. "Where were you, this morning?" Jay asked him, with a very blank expression. "I had some stuff," Kevin said. "Makin' breakfast, and all that kind of things." All THOSE kind of things, I thought to myself, being such a grammar nazi. Kevin hopped onto the boat, at the last second before it was too late. "Gut'em on board?" He said, holding out a knife he had brought in from his backpack. "Why not," I said, picking at the wood at the bottom of the boat. Jay's face suddenly filled with a normal expression. "We've got time," Jay replied. Jay picked up a row, going at the water for about 20 seconds before I took the hint. My hands reached out for the other row, lodged onto the side of the boat. It was all wet, and the water had gotten onto my hands, a long with the seaweed from weeks ago. I hit the tip of it into the water, and pushed down, continueing to row until told otherwise. "Stop." Kevin began, "This is probably the best fishing spot were gonna be blessed with," "And how do you know that?" I asked. "I can see the fishes, swimming down over the side of this beauty." Kevin replied, pointing down into the sea. The small cracks, released water into the center of the boat. I watched as it tipped and turned, making the pebble and eggs within the water swim around, and wobble. I hung the fishing pole behind my head, immedietally pushing forward towards the water. The lure hit the water, causing a small ripple in the lake to appear. "Good eating, eh' kevin?" Jay questioned. I laughed, just a little bit, and waited for the fish to come.

I watched the blood fall from my hands, and felt it drip to the ground. I had no idea how this happened. Jay's body layed dead on the ground, along with Kevin, just ripped to shreds. They scattered throughout the ground, and stared up to the sky with their haunting dead eyes. I cried out, kneeling down to the blue heavens. I held a piece of my shirt in my hand, most if had teared to shreds. "WHY! NO! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING GOD! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" I yelled out. I was too weak, and I gave in, falling down to hit the ground. I had lost control, and layed down staring at the pool of blood, and parts of my best friends. I thought I had control of it when we went on this trip, I thought I could contain the beast. But it grew, and powered itself, with all of my remaining energy, and now I regret thinking that I could overpower it.

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