Kinabuhi (Life)

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It's just how I view life in general...

Submitted: June 15, 2008

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Submitted: June 15, 2008



The first time I opened my eyes
I cried and looked around
With my parents’ love abound
And I felt I’m in a world of lies

They lulled me slowly to sleep
Seeing dreams in the sleep so deep
My parents smiled and cried
A life-long bond they tied

Mama, dada- the first words I said
The first time I saw blood red
Moments I knew my parents were there
Just to show how much they care

The first time I walked, I stumbled
The first time I ran, I fumbled
They were there every time I call
To help me stand up tall

I have lied and stole before
Sins I realized when I was four
I knew what’s good and bad when I was young
Yet I still don’t what side I belong

My ignorance subsided
Good and bad divided
Punishment I received
For evil actions achieved

I grew up like a felon
Doing things under Satan’s talons
I’ve been rebuked scornfully
Yet loved exceptionally

I’ve made friends to back me up
Sometimes they make me feel like a pup
I am confused about what they want
But they always make me feel dominant

As I grew, I realized life’s unfair
So at times I cry out despair
I felt comfortable at home
That moving I cannot condone

When I moved to a foreign country
I felt worthless and dainty
Making friends was hard for me
Coz’ I’ve never reached my jubilee

I’ve made choices I wasn’t proud
Times I feel like dropping from a cloud
Pressures exploding around me
Making the light so hard to see

I look above and see darkness
Improving my own loneliness
Trials of life I faced
Flying time I gazed

I stare as I have grown
Fruits I’ve planted I have sown
Now I’m living on my own
Oh I wish I never grew

Now that I am old
I feel worn out and cold
Many goals unfulfilled
Places in my heart unfilled

Every day I feel drained
Of youthful energy sustained
As I walk the valley of evil
I have no power to fight the perils

Many things I cannot remember
The pain I feel is like ember
My time of this world is low
Oh I hope I’ll never go down below

I feel weaker than before
I wish I could have done more
Now that my body’s very sore
Death is now what I adore

I think of heaven as paradise
But Satan is planning its demise
Now that I’m dying I review
The faith in know in my point of view

I thought of death as far away
But it came to my dismay
I lie in bed so arduously
My eyes I close precariously

As it slowly crept toward me
I thought of deeds regretfully
The world I viewed as lies
Became truth when I permanently closed my eyes

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