No Going Back

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When we found him, he was starting to develop the blue tinge of death...Until we saved him.

Submitted: March 16, 2018

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Submitted: March 16, 2018



No Going Back


“Waah” The child wailed, although it was slightly muffled by the tight cloth that bundled him up. I pressed him closer to my chest. He had been lying in the alley, starting to develop the blue tinge of death. It was freezing out here. I wouldn’t have heard his strangled whimpers myself, it had been the doing of Tres. My cousin was definitely abnormal-above average. I was lucky to have him by my side.

“Hush little one.” he cooed, taking the infant from my arms. I rarely saw this side of him:gentle, caring. The world had made him tough, unbreakable. Tres quirked his eye at me, obviously not oblivious to my staring.

What are we to do with it” I questioned him. Even if we could find a way to hide the babe from sight, his cries would give him away.

“We can leave the city.: Tres replied. I had known him long enough to recognize that look. I could almost see the gears turning in his head-Gears that worked tirelessly to light up his dark eyes. I waited patiently for a few more seconds.

“I have a plan.” He whispered, before picking up his stride and heading back towards Headquarters.

Wait up! I thought to myself, sprinting to catch up. I couldn’t say it aloud for the walls themselves had ears. Sure enough, as I turned the corner, a single pair of eyes watched me go. The accompanying lips turned up in a sneer. My days were now numbered.


Click. The door locked behind me. I let out the sigh that had enveloped my lungs. Everything was how we  left it. We were safe-for now.

“Hey Alyss, help me draw some warm water, would you?” tres called from the room over.

“Sure thing!” I answered, getting to work right away.

First, I went down to the stone cellar, where a small stream ran through before trickling out the opposite direction. I grabbed the tin bucket sitting by the rough hewn steps and filled it to a point midway. After getting the water, I trudged up the stairs. After heating the water over our meager stove until it was lukewarm,, it was finally ready for the small babe in my cousin's arms.

“In you go, little one.” I smiled as Tres carefully placed him and his tiny limbs into the basin where the water had been poured. I listened contemplatively as the baby gurgled and splashed around. Such a precious thing, life. So much of it was wasted.

Tres came up behind me, startling me out of my reverie.

“We need to leave within two days.” He started, not realizing that he had almost given me a heart attack.

“There are two possible ways to leave the city. The first is to go underground in a boat, traveling on the stream running through the cellar. The second option, although less claustrophobic, infinitely more dangerous. Tres looked over at the snoring child that I was in the middle of swaddling from head to toe.

“We could find a way over the wall.” He finished.

“I guess I’ll go find a boat.” I grinned. There was no going back.


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