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If the truth sets us free, then uncertainty enslaves us to desolation.

Submitted: December 28, 2014

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Submitted: December 28, 2014



Uncertainty has always been our biggest enemy.  

The mistress that gets in between and tare us apart.  

We are too proud to address our significance, too shy to inquire, and too afraid to know our verity.

Uncertainty is that devil whispering on our shoulders, making us take impulsive punishements against each other when at last we hate to admit that we have only sabotaged ourselves, ending the day believing we are unworthy of mirth.

Uncertainty and pride-a match made in hell that sooner or later comes to destroy our building grounds; so proud to admitt our mistakes, so proud to admitt our fault, so proud to admitt our feelings but above all-so proud to admitt we still care after all.

My true will poaring: I miss everything- I'm real brave to write this down, but too coward to speak out loud.  

Too pessimist to ask forgiveness when now I'm speculating that all you feel for me is disdain.  Apologizing makes us vulnerables, while pride keeps our dignity safe during the day but, won't keep us warm during the night.  

Wish I could just walk to you, look you in the eyes and tell you how sorry I am.  Whether you condemn me or lift me-I rather know your truth then have uncertainty overwhelm me once more.

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