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The J R Perry Show has gone global this Talk show has be around for many years now we are blessed to lock into his Show vis internet on LOVE DROP RADIO.COM The J R Perry Show
aims to inform and unlift every listners worlwide

Submitted: March 28, 2010

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Submitted: March 28, 2010



The J.R. Perry Show was born in the mid 1980's and was broadcasted out of Studio City, CA. The show focused on strong and meaniful topics such as human issues an info- tainment news. There were interviews on community leaders and civil service representatives as well as going inside the minds of corporate america on how they were giving back to the community. The show always wrapped up with national musical guest. J.R. Perry's hosting skills are truly amazing and concise and always to the point. Giving the viewers and listeners a river of information. J.R. Perry's motto has always been "Let The Truth Be Told." J.R. Perry has a very strong deep voice which has so much power that listeners find it hard to turn him off or walk away. His tones will kidnap your mind and his topics will uplift your spirits. With his intellectual delivery on radio or tv, J.R. Perry is the voice that rings like a bell and because he is so multi verse, all of his topics educate and entertain all demographics. J.R. Perry is a music producer, tv producer, singer, songwriter, musician, voice over expert, sickle cell activist, a highly published author, ceo of, ceo of pro- per records , ceo of cure every cell, a sickle cell support group. To recap his background and expertise, J.R. Perry is anything short of amazing. A very diverse individual fully loaded with many talents and wearing many hats that most will never fit. A pure messenger gifted an equipped to facilitate in so many fields. The J.R. Perry Show is like a rainbow, very colorful and bright and really focused on what matters and how people feel. Life is like a school of never ending classrooms and one must always have there pencils sharpened because there is a constant test and the J.R. Perry Show has done the research to inform the audience on many topic levels and discussions. The J.R. Perry Show has made a commitment to deliver innovative, inspiritual, educational, info- tainment and if the J.R. Perry Show was a book, it would be titled the intellectural journal of wisdom and blueprints on life because knowledge is a recipe to success and freedom. The J.R. Perry Show feels that everyone should be enpowered and this is why the J.R. Perry Show shall keep you informed because his motto is "Let The Truth Be Told" and "Together Will Make A Difference" for the quality of life for all human beings.

Best Regards

J R Perry

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