For The Dust (Part 3)

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The third part in my 10 part mini series "For the dust"

Submitted: June 16, 2014

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Submitted: June 16, 2014



Absolutely stunned I stared, mouth wide open for a couple seconds before resonding


“Shhh relax we are not here to hurt you, in fact my friend and I didn't know that you were even in here till you poked your head out just now”




“I promise”


I cover up the gun holstered on my belt as a small sign of good faith towards the child


“What's your name?”


“I'm Emma and I'm 11 years old”


Wow she is 11? she looks younger than that. But being 11 still means that she wasn't even born yet when all of this started to happen


“Well Emma it is nice to meet you, I'm Bryce and my friend Jace is downstairs waiting for me. How long have you been here?”


“About a month now, ever since those bad men lost track of me”


Just as she says that I look down at her arms and see hundreds of needle marks and scars all over her arms, I can only imagine what they did to this poor girl


“Wow that is a long time, isn't it dangerous for a girl your age to be out here all alone?”


“Yeah but my daddy taught me how to be strong for myself and how to scavange just enough to survive so that people didn't find me”


“You seem like a smart girl Emma, do you know why those bad men were trying to hurt you or who they were?”


“No I'm sorry” Looking visably upset “they killed my daddy for some reason but before they came in he injected me with something and said... this... this will always keep.... k.... keep yo.... safe”


Emma stumbles through her short story before she begins to break down in tears, without hesitation she comes over and hugs me, burying her head in my chest. She for some reason trusted me right away, I guess she was just happy somebody finally had no intention of hurting her and just wanted to listen to what she had to say


“Emma sweetie, do you know what your daddy gave you?”


“No, but he told me that he started working on it once my mommy got really sick when I was two”


“Well we don't need to worry about that today, you look cold, do you want something to warm you up”


“Yes please!”


“Ok here you are “ I remove a thin jacket from my backpack, it wasn't much but it was the best I could do for this girl


“Hey is everything alright up there?” Jace yelled up from the lower floor, I guess I was upstairs longer than I expected to be


“Yeah I'll be right down”


I pick Emma up in my arms, she is nearly asleep by the time we reach Jace, after I explain the situation to him he agrees that we need to keep this girl safe so it's best she stays with us


“Bryce, it's too dark now to go outside and esspecially with a little girl it would be very dangerous to travel past nightfall”


“Yeah you're right, we can just hold up here for the night”


Jace and I go around finding pieces of paper from books, magazines, and posters on the wall; we also rip some wood trim off the main desk in order to start a small fire so we can cook beans and keep ourselves warm and out of the dark. We need to figure out who Emma is and why she was so important to this group, hopefully they don't come looking for her anytime soon.


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