Frozen Ink

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Who knows. It could have happened in this way.

Submitted: January 05, 2017

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Submitted: January 05, 2017



Frozen Ink

The ink is frozen.  Again?  How am I to write the words burning within my heart, if the ink that can deliver the words is consistently freezing? 

He places the pin into the inkwell, now unthawed by the dying ambers, and brush strokes a few more words before the pen itself bends to the will of the cold surrounding him.

Pulling tight the cloths he found in the street, he cares nothing of his own aches, or the pains he is enduring as he stares with anger at the angled brush tips of his pen.  “Frozen!”

Hands shaking, he reaches out toward the dying embers, wishing he had just enough money for one more piece of firewood.  But if that were the case, he wouldn’t be a struggling writer, would he?  Was this his destiny? To die with words in his heart, but unable to deliver them to the trash and papers he’d collected the dirty, windy, cold streets outside days before?  His ink frozen, bought with the last of his coin?  His embers dying, just like the words in his heart? 

He crushed up a few pieces of papers with his words on them, and tossed them into the fire, to insure he would be provided enough heat to get out the last of the words begging to be written.  The paper’s flared, the words disappeared, and the heat expanded enough to thaw out his pen, and he dipped it once more, before turning his attention back to the pages in front of him.

Despair tried to pull him down with regret as his previous words twisted and became lost in the smoke of the pages he had thrown on the fire, but he wouldn’t let regret get the best of him tonight.

Glancing over his shoulder, he smiled up at the raven purched above the door.

“I will get these words written,” he said, turning back to the pages he could barely see in the pale light of the embers.

He continued writing, as long as the heat remained, and as long as his sanity remained.


JS Mayes

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