Annabina the Ballerina

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Submitted: June 02, 2016

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Submitted: June 02, 2016



There once was a girl called Annabina,

Who wanted to be a ballerina.

The problem however was not by chance,

Poor Annabina couldn’t dance!

Every style just seemed too big,

She couldn’t even do a jig!


One day when she was really sad,

She was approached by a young lad.

A chappy by the name of Waltz,

Who said, “I can fix your dancing faults.

But first you if you could work with me,

I need some help to plant a tree.”

Such a request seemed slightly strange,

But to help with this was small change.

So off they went to plant the tree,

What happens next – stay tuned to see…


They walked for a while down a winding road,

And on that road they saw a Toad.

The girl jumped back and gave a squawk,

Because the toad began to talk!

“Good day,” it said “My name is Rumba,

Why did you wake me from my slumber?”

“I’m sorry,” said the girl “but do you know,

The way in which I need to go,

To plant a tree to learn and dance,

Could you help me here perchance?”

“Well I could teach you how to leap,

It’s a skill that you can keep.”

Off they leapt all down the road,

The girl, Waltz, and Rumba the Toad.


Before too long they saw a hive,

Of Honey Bees with one called jive.

Annabina said, “Can we plant it here?”

Jive replied, “What is it, dear?”

“I wish to plant a tree nearby”

“Not here my dear but watch me fly!”

And off he went in a lazy sway,

The way Bees do it every day.

“Copy my style and sway in time,

Do what I do, just like a mime!

You can learn to fly like me,

And then we can go plant your tree!”

So off they went all down the road,

The girl, the boy, the Bee, the Toad.


They walked and walked and walked much longer,

Until they met a Horse called Conga.

“Please,” said the girl “We’re tired and lost,

Can you help us before the frost?

We need to plant a tree and dance,”

“Well I can show you how to prance.”

“OK…” She sighed, “If we must,

But this will help with the tree I trust?”

So off they carried on of course,

Boy, girl, Bee, Toad, and Conga the Horse.


Finally it got to night,

And Annabina got a fright.

She saw a Peacock on the lane,

She thought that she had gone insane.

The Peacock said, “What do you know?

Pleased to meet you, the name’s Kolo.”

“Please help us plant this tree right now,”

“Watch me preen, I’ll show you how!”

“No!” She said, “All this preening and prancing,

“It isn’t helping with my dancing!

And why can’t any of you see,

That dancing won’t help us plant the tree.”

Then Waltz chimed in, “Why, don’t you see?

It never was about the tree!

All these creatures helped you here,

To leap and sway and prance my dear!”

And Waltz he then began to morph,

Into a magical old Dwarf.

He said, “Won’t you just try dance along,

To nature’s beauty – that’s the song!

Feel the wind around your hair,

Run in the rain like you just don’t care!”

So Annabina tapped her toe,

And then a tree began to grow.

Several more began to sprout,

Which made all the animals dance and shout.

She twirled and leapt and pranced and swayed,

To all the sounds the animals made.

Before too long she was the best,

Better at dancing than the rest.


And so you must remember do,

By helping someone they’ll help you.

In learning, nature, and all other,

We’re here to help our sister and brother.

© Copyright 2019 js909. All rights reserved.

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