Jack by; J. A. Stevens

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A poem dedicated to my dearest friend who I miss more than anything in this sorry world

Submitted: October 26, 2011

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Submitted: October 26, 2011



By: J. A. Stevens

Nobody knew me like you do
We were buds since we were two
When you died, I died a little too
Jack you’re gone and I ache for you

You were more than just a friend
I’m not gay but I loved you man
Its like going on without my right hand
Jack you’re gone and I’m suffering

Drink and drugs they took your soul
Just like demons from the blackest hole
I would’ve saved you but how could I know
Jack I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you

I cried so hard when I wrote these lines
Remembering all of our good times
I only wish I could have seen the signs
Jack I miss you more than you could know

I would’ve gladly gone instead
The laughter’s gone now that you are dead
Then there’s the “I love you Jack” that I never said
Jack I hope I’ll see you again

Rest well Jack in lasting peace
The love you spread will never cease
I hope your end was a final release
Jack I hope your soul goes on

(24 lines)
© Copyright 2011 J.A. Stevens

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