Light My Candle: Unanswered Questions

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Questions that came up while discussing Light My Candle. I down own RENT, Light My Candle, characters, songs, etc.

Light My Candle: Unanswered Questions

My friend, rohangirl90 and I were discussing Light My Candle, my scene from the play RENT, and a number of questions began to plague my mind. I've posted these questions so everybody can theorize,, as it's fun to theorize, and this is not to be taken seriously. If you know the answers, you can answer them if you want, but remember, this was just for fun. :)

I don't own RENT, or any of the characters, songs, etc. Those are the work of Jonathan Larson, may he rest in peace.

  1. Does Mimi drop her stash on purpose as a means to flirt with Roger, did she actually accidentally drop it? I mean, as rohangirl pointed out to me, since Mimi is a junkie, and the stash is pure, most likely Mimi dropped it on accident. That being said, Mimi could have dropped it as an excuse to stay with Roger longer.

  1. Why was Mimi asking Roger to light her candle in the first place? Was she going to use the fire from the candle so she can do heroin via needle? Or was she asking for her candle to be lit just so she can see, since her power is out? In the script, it states: (MIMI enters, holding a candle and looking for a match; her electricity is down, too). Was she really just looking for a match?

  2. How does Mimi do heroin? Via needle? Snorting? In the play, we never actually see Mimi using heroin, yet in the movie, during the scene Without You, Roger walks in on Mimi, needle in hand. So how does Mimi use heroin?

  3. Mimi asks him to light her candle, and yet when Roger sings his line “Oh well, goodnight” she walks away. She blows out the candle, and then realizes her stash is gone. If she asks him to light it, why does she later blow it out? Was it just an excuse to flirt with him?

  4. In some cases, Mimi blows out the candle AFTER she realizes she dropped her stash. Why would she blow it out? She could use the light from the candle to look for the stash.

  5. How would the scene pan out if Mark answered the door instead, and Roger was the one who went out? Would she flirt with Mark? Assuming she did, would he reject her advances? What if both Mark and Roger answered the door?

  6. Did Mimi know Roger was even home in the first place? What if she had heard Mark leaving, and then decided to go flirt with Roger? Again, what if Mark answered the door instead?

  7. When Roger locates the stash, he lies and claims “It's a candy bar wrapper” And then sticks it in his back pocket. Why doesn't he just give the stash back to her? To prevent her from using it? To prevent her from leaving? To use it himself?

  8. Assuming Mimi does accidentally lose her stash, does she honestly not know where it is? Or does she spot it and pretend to keep looking in the hopes that he would find it?

  9. When specifically, does Mimi drop her stash? I've never actually seen her drop it. Is it already onstage before the scene begins?

  10. Mimi comments about Roger's hands. “Big... Like my father's?” Why even say this? I've heard theories that Mimi was abused by her father, either physically, or sexually. (referring to the whole 'big hands, big equipment' belief) Was she abused? And if she wasn't, why would Roger's hand remind her of her father's hands? Was she close with her father?

  11. Mimi says to Roger “They say that I have the best ass, below 14th street. Is it true?” Does she have the best ass? Is it true? Or is she just saying that to flirt with him?

  12. Roger lies and says he found a candy bar wrapper. Can Mark and Roger even afford candy?

  13. Roger blows out Mimi's candle after he lights it a few times. Why would he blow it out after he lit it so many times? Is it because he realizes that she's been blowing it out on purpose the whole time?

  14. Roger tells Mimi “That was my last match” Was that really his last match? Or did he have more?

  15. Mimi says at the end of the duet, “They call me, they call me, Mimi” Now do they just call her Mimi? Is that her real name? Mimi's real name in La Boheme is Lucia. (RENT was based on La

    Boheme) IS Mimi's real name in RENT Lucia as well. If not, then what is her real name?

  16. Roger stares at Mimi during the scene. He says he's staring at her hair in the moonlight. Is that really what he was staring at? If not, what was he staring at?

  17. Mimi stumbles after Roger comments “You look familiar”. Does she stumble on purpose? Or was it an accident?

  18. Mimi gets burned by the dripping wax from the candle, and she comments, in regard to the wax “I like it between my...” before Roger interrupts, stating “Fingers.” What was Mimi going to say?

  19. After Mimi states she lost her stash, the candle is blown out. Roger then comments that he recognizes her and that “Your candle's out” Why does he state the obvious? She knows that it's out, why does he bring it up to her again?

  20. Mimi loses her stash and comments “It was pure” Was the stash really pure?

  21. Roger comments that the light coming in to the loft was because “I hear Spike Lee's shooting down the street” Was Spike Lee really shooting down the street? Roger hasn't left the house in months, could he have been misinformed?

  22. Light My Candle takes place on Christmas Eve. Why don't Roger and Mimi wish one another a Merry Christmas? Or a Happy Holidays?

Fire away with the theorizing, and remember, this was just for fun. Thanks to rohangirl90 for conversing and theorizing with me. :)

Submitted: January 13, 2009

© Copyright 2020 JSheets716. All rights reserved.

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In response to the "How does Mimi use heroin?" question, I don't think she shoots up. Granted, if she did shoot up, that would explain how she got AIDS. On the other hand, she's a stripper, so she could have gotten it from somewhere else. Or maybe, she got it innocently, through a blood transfusion, perhaps. I think she snorts it, like my favorite heroin addicted rock star, CHarlie Pace, of LOST fame. May he rest in peace.

Personally, I think Mimi got AIDS from a crappy boyfriend. The way she tok her drugs would be the answer to how she got AIDS in the first place. Roger's AIDS is easy to trace, he got it from April, unseen girlfriend extraordinaire. Personally, what I want to know is how Mimi, Collins and Angel got AIDS. But this is a Light My Candle question thing, so COllins and Angel aren't involved, I guess.

And for the candy question. Assuming they can't even afford candy, what would they eat? It's the 90s, candy must've been cheap. What did they eat, if not cheap, good tasting candy. Plus, Mark was Jewish. Did he eat kosher? If he did, did he spend more money on food than, say, Roger, because it had to be kosher?

I don't know anymore. The theorizing possibilities are ENDLESS.

Tue, January 13th, 2009 11:42pm


OMG great questions! This was all made for theorizing! So enjoy!

Tue, January 13th, 2009 3:48pm


and your very welcome. it was a very fun conversation.

Tue, January 13th, 2009 11:59pm


It was fun. We should have more conversations like that.

Tue, January 13th, 2009 4:20pm


I've seen her drop her stash. she does it on purpose when she's leaving Roger's apartment the last time before she comes back. Saying that Spike Lee is shooting down the street was just a clever explanation as to why it was so bright outside, it wasn't that he was really shooting down the street.
*sigh* as much as I adore you, Rent was not meant to be analyzed sweetie. lol

Wed, January 14th, 2009 1:50am


Lol. I was told not to analyze RENT. But I couldn't help it. These things just vrept up on me. And I don't usually analyze RENT. But this was just for fun.

Tue, January 13th, 2009 7:09pm


OMG LOL I couldn't stop laughing. Seriously. "Can Mark and Roger even afford candy?" PRICELESS! Some of the questions are just stupid, though. But I do have to answer ONE of them. Number 18.

She was gonna say either, breasts, boobs, tits, honkers, anything that has to do with her breasts would've been said. I believe this because as she delivers the line "I like it between my..." She slowly slides Rogers hand into the crevice of her cleavage.

Anyway, I enjoyed this a lot. Keep it coming!

Sun, January 25th, 2009 5:36am


Well, which Mimi were you watching? I know Renee doesn't do that,She doesn't slide his hand into the crevice of her clevage. She does draw closer to him, though.

Sun, January 25th, 2009 5:50pm

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