Shine Brave Symmetry

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The mineral qualities of Passion

Submitted: January 12, 2007

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Submitted: January 12, 2007



Your love is like the diamond's touch,

Clarified and colored such.

Your breathless girdle affronts my days,

A pretty hurdle to wend my ways.


Girth the head of Love's ghost crown,

While round thy king the playful frown.

A pound of flesh for every carat

Let me not be your old poll-parrot.


Give me hence your modern brilliant.

The princess frowns, she, most resilient.

Heart of my heart served raw and fresh.

Served à la Carte, so flailed and fleshed.


Oh marquise, cut me to the quick!

Thy fainted fluster falls o'er me thick.

With all the fervor I can muster

The frostings grow to pear-shaped luster.


Proportions of the well-cut cause

Doth give me leave to give me pause

How foulest ends the virtual phrase,

Seeing through thy fair-haired haze.


Shine Brave Symmetry! Grant me life.

Ideal's the grade, polish thy knife.

The facet's clean of blood and gore,

Take me anon and evermore.


Shine Brave Symmetry!

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