The Rebel Titan

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Playing with fire can prove dangerous

Submitted: January 12, 2007

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Submitted: January 12, 2007



He lay bound on his rock-strewn perch

There ‘neath the rav'ning eagle's lurch.

With fading hand his dusky bowels,

Yield they to horrid gorging howls.


Don't irk, poor soul, the grasping beast.

Don't make him fuming in his feast.

Don't gall the thing that doth despoil.

Don't pall the wing that maketh roil.


The night-frost mends thy ragged flesh.

The morn sees torment start afresh.

Chided once thy sham sacrificed,

With banned gifts mortals you enticed.

Few so brazen took such a fall,

Less than forsook the hangman's ball.


Born Forethought to godly parent

But bravely you defy and errant,

Ambrosial gifts raise Zeus' ire,

Gave earthy men purloinéd fire.


Burn cold hearts, oh new Olympians.

Give your arts to mortal Scythians.

You weep for him oh wanting soul,

He gave his life to make you whole!

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