complicated girl..

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the story is about 2 guys and a girl..
as we speak,A love triangle..its about the life of a common girl..but an interesting one..
lets us see how much is she complicated..
give me your opinion about what you guys think should she do??

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




the story begins as from the college life of a girl named Anu who was a carefree girl.she lived on her own terms,had fun with friends and was brilliant in studies..she never believed in the love stuff..but as every girl want a kind of guy,she also had her perfect boyfriend in mind..she wanted someone who had stability in life,not a flirt,handsome,no cigarette and so-on..her daily life was college,home,tuition,family and without forgetting her day while returning home,she saw a guy flirting with a girl and she knew him because he was his cousin's friend named kheer but known as dido and he already had her it was obviously proved that he was a flirt..Anu just hated him..

so Anu always avoided dido,unluckily dido was the owner of a bus in which anu travelled often and obviously dido was in it..but one day,anu got dido's bus to go home from college and it was raining heavily,inspite of not wanting anu had to get on the bus..anu got a seat where the window was open and had to take dido's help to close dido was a flirt,he started flirting with anu by dropping her not on the bus-stop but in front of her house..and thats where it began! u might have guessed that it was a bad day for anu,so another incident happened,anu was calling her friend but instead she typed a wrong number and phoned a boy who was dido..she talked in a good manner but the guy replied her in a rude way..she was very angry and told her friend with whom dido was flirting too..anu's friend told dido everything and anu received a message from that wrong number saying that he's sorry for his rude manner..anu was still replying that he received a call from the same number..

its normal that they were now friends and anu was positive about him..gradually anu started caring for him..for he was not the kind of guy anu wanted because he was a flirt,smokes and did not have stability in his life..but still anu tried her best to stop him from smoking and it was really day they decided to meet,they talked and it was time to leave..dido started leaving when something unatural happened..Anu hugged dido before leaving,it was unbelievable and dido was astonished..their so-called friendship continued..they talked everyday and till late at night..their day did not complete until they talked to each day anu did not call dido and dido phoned her the next day and asked her why she did not call but also told he that a day wihout her is like a year..anu started believing in love but they did not confess to each other..

dido told her that he wanted to kiss her..he loved her hugs..when it was cold at night he told her to come and hug one day,anu decided to tell dido that she loves her because even anu's friend was surprised to see anu like that..she loved dido so much that her best friend told her how can someone loves another person like that??but she loved dido and phoned dido to tell him..but she was astonished on hearing dido as he said that they were just friends..she was completely broken because dido was everything for her but dido did not think twice before breaking her heart..

the anu which her friends knew was lost..she wrote dido's name on her hand with knife,was now a quiet girl..her friends' eyes was full of tears on seeing her like that..she was not the funny girl who did not care about people..and her best frind decided to take her to a new tuition..and there she met shaad who wasanu's best friend cousin, a simple guy with glasses and he was the one who could make anu smile..they made friendship and slowly the same anu was back and this time not anu but shaad fell in love with anu..he even proposed her but anu rejected him on telling her past and she told shaad that she has not still forgotten dido..but shaad was an understanding guy..he understood anu's pain..but he really loved her even more than anu loved dido..and shaad became her best friend..but this time even being anu's best friend he was suffering for anu and he wrote anu's name on her hand with knife..when anu's got to know this,she was full of tears as she did not expect shaad to love her like this..and she accepted him,anu tried to be as shaad wanted her to..

she just took all the love for dido and gave it to shaad..when they were happy with their relationship,then dido started interfering in her life againn as a friend..dido's reminded her of what anu did for him..dido started smoking in front of anu so that anu's love awakes again for him and she will leave shaad..but she did took the right decision and rejected dido..but dido still interferes in her life..what should she do??
and shaad still loves her like mad..she's just confused..
should she accept dido and leaves shaad??
my opinion is that she should rejest dido and continues her relation with shaad..
give mi ur opinion!!

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