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Percy meets a mysterious old woman who takes him on an adventure

Submitted: June 10, 2013

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Submitted: June 10, 2013



Psst...hey...hey you...” I turned to my right and surprised to see a very small old woman beckoning me toward her. I hesitated for a moment and considered whether or not to approach her. I was in a rush to get home and the sky was getting darker by the minute.  I reluctantly approached her, with the thought in mind that perhaps she needed some money. I did happen to have a few coins in my overcoat pocket. She was standing near an old cobble stone alleyway. It was not the kind of place I would usually linger when night was approaching. As I came closer, she laughed and ran down the alley. To this day, I am not sure why I followed her, but I did. I had to pick up my pace to try and catch up to her; eventually I was running at full speed. It had been raining earlier that day, so the cobbles were wet and before you know it, I lost my footing from underneath me and banged my head on the cold ground. I lay there for a moment watching the stars form in front of my eyes. I heard footsteps approaching and then the old woman was peering down at me. “Are you alright??” she asked in a very strong cockney accent.  She then extended her hand out to me to help me up. As I regained my balance and brushed myself off, the old woman said ”Me names Agnes..What’s yours??”

“Percy” I answered sharply. My head starting to pound from my fall

“Percy aye, well it’s nice to meet ya..” she said proudly

I looked her up and down and noticed that she was not wearing any shoes. Seeing as it was the middle of winter here in England, this was very peculiar. She was dressed in a very a large brown overcoat and her gray hair sat underneath a very tattered hat. She really did look quite odd, I thought to myself.

 I then remembered that she had called me down the alley and I was really unsure why.

“Back there, you were calling me. What was it that you wanted to show me?”

Agnes smile turned into the biggest grin I’d ever seen. She grabbed my hand and proclaimed...

”You look like someone who is need of some fun!!”

And without another word, we were off running hand in hand down back street alleyways I never knew existed. As we ran and ran, I was thinking that most sensible people would have let go a long time ago. They would declare that they have no time for foolish games. Especially with a homeless lady without shoes!!  But something about her so intriguing and I found myself wanting to go with her. And where she was taking me, I did not know..






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