Tucker's revenge

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exerpts from the book Tucker's revenge by J.T. Lorenzo

Submitted: May 14, 2012

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Submitted: May 14, 2012



Watson had gathered a team of men, three associated with the council that would help in securing future donations and two avid outdoorsman who had shown interest in the organization and could lend tips to Watson after seeing the land first hand, he would bring them on a scouting expedition of the town and surrounding lands he was interested in. Watson’s wheels were turning.

The group of five men arrived on a November morning around nine thirty they quickly caught the attention of the few townspeople in the area.

They would use horses and buggies to survey the land with maps in hand, so they secured transportation with the local blacksmith Horace Clark, known as ugly Horace by the local kids, because of the disfiguring scar on his facefrom a burn. Watson was eager to share the news of why they were there with anyone willing to converse with him, even Horace but he only drew stares and grunts from the tallchiseled man. Most though were all business and listened to the sales pitch out of courtesy but didn’t seem to care much.

The group was surprised by the emptiness of the town after just being in the bustle of the city, the fresh air causing a few coughs they looked around in amazement, no traffic no bus boys at the station no congestion in the streets.

The men ventured out to the woods around eleven in the morning Watson and the men quickly realizing that they would likely have to stay in town for a night because the area was so dense and expansive, they couldn’t cover everything in one visit. Watson was in awe of the place his creative juices were flowing and he spewed his ideas out more and more both out of excitement and zeal.

What about a horse and buggy transport from the train to the camp?

How about a bus? I could use space in town for supplies or an outpost... were some of his thoughts?

The news quickly spread throughout the small town about the expedition, some in town were now curious, the group had spent hours scouring the mountains and sparse trails they hiked and road their horses for miles taking notes and talking, the energy level was high but by sundown the men headed back to town with a lot of ideas and information.

They would rent the entire upstairs of the Iron Ore Inn for the night and planned to cover more ground the next day. They mingled with a few town regulars in the barand discussedtheir plans with many of them.

Dr. Jed Monika wasthere pounding a few brandy's, theunofficial mayor of the town because of his title of doctor and his education, there wasn’t a government in place because of its scarcity, but Monika would be the obvious choice to field complaints until the appointed under sheriff in the area would arrive.

The next morning they set out once again and rode the countryside, they pointed out areas of interest for rock climbing with all the huge rock formations and cliffs they rode near the lake and talked of swimming and fishing.

Throughout the tour each man experienced seeing what they thought was a person walking through the woods in the distance, one short in stature and another taller, but no one would say anything for fear of being laughed at because the figures would quickly disappear. S

Suddenly at times they appeared to be standing stillstaring at the group, with all the trees and branches and thick brush, it could have been there eyes playing tricks on them each men thought.

After a while and a few sightings, two men sitting on their horses couldn’t hold it in anymore

“Hey Jess, you seeing something like people walking around out yonder” one man said

“Yes, Sam I thought I was the only one” the other said. Then Jess turned to Watson

“Hey Bill does anyone live nearby here?”

"According to the records some guy Thaddeus Tucker has a cabin about a quarter mile away from the property line", Bill responded.

"Other than that its all state land we wouldn’t be encroaching on him why? You seeing things?”

Everyone let out faint laughs, but no one else mentioned the sightings again.

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