The Code of Life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
(A collection of rules, tips and bucket list)

Submitted: March 14, 2016

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Submitted: March 14, 2016



The Code of Life (A collection of rules, tips and bucket list) By John To


  1. right a poem for your lover

  2. try to win something amazing and have proof

  3. change atleast one life in a good way

  4. do atleast 100 good deeds before you die

  5. know atleast 2 languages and be able to count to ten in five

  6. see atleast 3 countries in your life

  7. read 10 good books in your life

  8. learn to cook atleast one appetizer, main course and dessert

  9. don't be afraid to try new things

  10. Never eat any majestic animals. Try animals like snake, moose,rat or chicken feet

  11. experience different religions and understamd them, not just your own

  12. lock all doors to your car and house

  13. if you get an important epiphany don't take it for granted

  14. girls don't want a perfect guy, they want an imperfect perfect guy

  15. figure out where the g spot is and learn to give your girl a g-spot orgasm

  16. learn to give good head for either sex and don't be afraid to treat your lover to it ever so often

  17. don't over feed your kids but feed them. It will make them more confident in the end.

  18. it is alright to treat yourself and kids to an unhealthy meal once in a while

  19. remember that real family are the people who treat you good and well

  20. throw at least one (all out) party

  21. go to at least one sporting event

  22. be homeless for a day

  23. learn to defend yourself, but don't start picking fights.

  24. know when you've lost

  25. donate at least 10 percent of your earnings once

  26. keep your friends close but your real enemy far

  27. keep your friends close and your enemies closer (strategy)

  28. listen to any music before your time

  29. don't be afraid to emasculate yourself it will make you stronger

  30. befriend an enemy

  31. go camping at least once

  32. stop and notice the beauty in things (eg. Stars. City)

  33. know the laws in each country before you go

  34. be grateful for what you have and be humble about it

  35. don't be foolish about your money, but paint the town red once in a while

  36. take at least one all out bath a year (music, salts, bubbles, etc)

  37. don't avoid your gut feeling

  38. affect the world in a good way one time

  39. wisdom comes with age and experience


  40. learn not to be afraid of dying and you won't be afraid of anything

  41. volunteer at least a year of your time

  42. always be prepared for all situations

  43. always see the greater picture

  44. smoke if you want but know it is extremely addicting

  45. do not trust everyone

  46. learn from everything and everyone no matter what race, age, sex

  47. learn from the best and the worst

  48. follow your dream if it is worth and smart to

  49. know when to give up if the situation calls for it

  50. always recycle when possible; save the environment

  51. take embarrassing things lightly and joke it off

  52. take other people mistakes lightly, unless they make the same mistakes over and over

  53. know atleast 5 different restaurants and from at least 2 different ethnic groups

  54. sleep with at least one other partner before you get married

  55. try to touch at least 1 life

  56. understand other peoples wants and needs

  57. your mistakes will always catch up with you

  58. wear a condom always unless you want kids

  59. take the transit at least once in your life

  60. do not make up bullshit, know the facts

  61. don't be afraid to hug, even other guys

  62. leave no man behind in a group unless told otherwise

  63. learn to play at least one musical instrument, guitar would be a good one

  64. learn at least one song on your musical instrument

  65. if you can't afford a lot of money for Christmas, do Secret Santa

  66. try to help out your spouse in times of need and misery

  67. learn at least one impressive dance

  68. never cheat on your spouse during a relationship. If you don't want to be with them anymore, break up with them

  69. have some fun with the kamasutra

  70. take in one stranger for a day (be careful of bad people and criminals)

  71. nurse an animal back to health

  72. the meaning of life is to live it and enjoy it

  73. acquire new taste for life and knowledge

  74. learn to fish

  75. pay your debt

  76. go with your heart not the mind

  77. open your eyes and read the signs

  78. give privacy when needed

  79. have a way out

  80. throw away all expired foods, the expiry date is there for a reason

  81. try different brands and types of alcohol

  82. be more confident; if your not confident, put on a show

  83. girls can be very deceiving

  84. don't let the small things bother you

  85. know what your getting into when investing in a company

  86. don't let people judge you and don't judge other people

  87. there's a reason for rules and regulations

  88. its ok to break the rules once in a while just don't get caught

  89. money does not always make you happy but it always helps

  90. life's amazing don't take it for granted

  91. eat until your full, leave it at that

  92. misery makes you humble

  93. why wash the whole table if half of it is only being used

  94. try your best to keep all your main promises

  95. pay your workers well and what you can afford

  96. try being blind for a day

  97. give people respect at first, if they lose it, it is earned back

  98. a good leader never seeks war but is always prepared for it

  99. play and finish at least one video game at least 1 film from each genre (try movies from different countries as well)

101. pull at least 1 prank in your life

102. have a good cry once in a while

103. meet at least one celebrity in your life

104. never hit your spouse or children

105. never betray your friends

106. always tip your waiter/waitress, servicemen and delivery men

107. get at least 1 tattoo

108. always have a good doctor, dentis and lawyer on hand

109. give your kids his big life choices

110. don't spoil your kids but don't be too strict, know the middle


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