What Ive Become

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Submitted: April 03, 2016

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Submitted: April 03, 2016



when I was a kid, I love to make friends

loved to follow every and all big trends

dreamed of dating all the tens

wishing some day I would drive that benz


I grew up losing all hope

ended up everyday smoking dope

that was just the start of a slippery slope

now im hoping it all ends with a stroke


I'm too full on empty, I need to be free

I have already, been on my knees

I've been a decent person as far as I can see

why has this curse been brought upon me


maybe its something more than me

maybe its just hereditary

maybe its a gift from the odyssey

I can't tell if I'm going crazy.


thirst for the biggest success of them all

idea's coming out of every wall

here's hoping that I won't fall

that I would end up standing tall


will I ever be a father to anyone?

The girls I date, are like a bad pun

I know I really want a son

teach him lots and have a tonne of fun


In the end I still bleed

I still have all my human needs

my own greed I try to feed

hoping I will finally get freed

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