Killer Dreams

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A story about two ex best friends, torn apart by a woman they both wanted, and their killer dreams.

Submitted: November 16, 2014

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Submitted: November 16, 2014



Rubon and Tyrel had been the best of friends for two decades. They had been even more than that really, they had been just like brothers, sharing a bond much stronger than the type commonly felt between two men. They had even shared a home together, a two story house out in the country with a two car gargage. They shared an ATV, a six wheeled gator, a collection of wall mounted special ordered replica swords, including pieces from Excaliber to Duncan McClouds Blade, a gun case full of hunting weapons, a video game console, and a 60 inch flat screen television. But what they shared most of all was a brotherly love and crazy adventures. That had all ended last week. 

A woman named Ann had come into thier lives a few years back. Tyrel had met Ann at one of those pagan gatherings he was attending every chance he got. They had warmed up to eachother almost immediately. After communicating via the internet for a few months they got together at another pagan gathering. This time instead of going home, Ann had came to live with Tyrel and Rubon. Tyrel and Ann were happy and Rubon enjoyed Ann's company as well. He wasn't the jealous type, though from time to time he felt as though he were the 3rd wheel so to speak. Things were good for the first year. 

Ann was an amazing woman. She was beautiful, she was intelligent, she was very timid and good natured, and she had a completely breath taking smile. Her and Tye had gotten along fabulously for the first twelve or thirteen months but by then he had grown bored with her in the bedroom and began having affairs with the girls in town like he always had in the past. At first Ann was in denial but as she came around even then she still forgave him. That went on for the next year and a half.

One night last June Tyrel had gotten utterly wasted with a waitress from the local Dennys and hadn't made it home. Like many nights before that one Rubon had sat on the side of Ann and Tye's king sized four post bed and quietly comforted her through her tears of frustration, confusion, and pain. He had been watching the woman fall to pieces for weeks upon weeks. He loved Tyrel as a brother but he knew what he was doing was wrong. He also knew that the feelings he had been developing for his best friends girl friend were wrong. 

On that night however, Ann had more time to think about what Tyrel was doing and why he wasn't there to hold her, and of how his best friend and been consoling her almost every weekend now for nearly a year. Neither one claims to remember who made the first move but by the end of the night Rubon and Ann were kissing, grouing, and then making fierce love. The way Rubon had looked her in the eye and continually brushed the hair form her eyes had made her feel both unashamed and needed. When he finished she waited fifteen minutes and mounted him again. 

They wore eachother completely out. For the next three weeks they were having secret meetings every time they could. It was rediculous how badly they felt they needed to be together. Three and four times a week they would leave the house at different times to through Tyrel off, if he was even paying attention to them, and rendevouz out by the lake, or at one of the local flea bag motels. Things were almost getting out of hand. Surely they would be caught if things continued. They both knew it.

Four weeks passed and Rubon began feeling extremely jealous at night while he was laying wide awake and feeling alone, and his asshole best friend was snoring away obliviously beside the love of his life. It was to much for him to handle. His fear of confronting Tye had grown smaller and smaller over the past few weeks but that night it was disappearing totally. The next sunday morning, after Tyrel had been up all night on a bender, Rubon and Ann packed up thier things into his ford ranger and moved into an apartment across town. 

When Tye woke up and found half of the house "missing", he was beside himself. At first he thought that the home had been broken into and robbed by thugs or something. It took him ten minutes to find the letter. The letter was neatly written and plain put. Ann had stated that her feelings towards him had grown colder and colder each night she lay waiting for him to come home and hold her, while he was out running the streets with a gang of floozies. She said that if he had ever really loved her, that he wouldn't have always been gone, wouldnt have felt the need for the company of other women, that then maybe fate would not have lead her annd Rubon to fall for eachother. 

Rubon had simply stated that he hated how things had happened to turned out this way, and that he hoped one day that he, tyrel, would forgive them both for what he most likely now saw as a betrayel.  

A betrayel by his best friend, and his lover. That is exactly how Tyrel saw it. That is exactly what it was. A big fat betrayel. He was completely caught off guard. Denial. He was in total disbelief for the first few days. As the shock wore off, the bitterness began to creep in and take hold. Bitterness turned into days spent in a dark brooding haze of thoughts. Menacing thoughts surfaced. They were thoughts of revenge. He closed his eyes. The sleeping pills were kicking in. His face was a sadistic smirk. 

Rubon and Ann were loving the new apartment. It was an upstairs unit on the third floor. Carrying the furniture up the narrow stair case had been a bitch. On the first floor of the building was the small towns only hardware store. All of the walls had fresh coats of paint on them, the carpet was new and the kitchen floor had just been redone with ceramic tile flooring. The only thing Ann didn't like about the place was that the bath room was all the way across the apartment from the bedroom. 

One night, about a week after moving in, Ann woke up in the middle of the night, like normal, because she had to pee. But this time when she looked over her left shoulder, Rubon wasnt in bed. She had thought it a bit strange, but maybe he had had to pee also, or maybe he had needed a drink. She waited for what felt like forever but he didnt come back to bed.  When her bladder finally trully felt as if it were going to explode, she decided to see what was taking him so long.

When she got to the kitchen the light wouldnt turn on. weird, she thought to herself. She walked across the dark living room heading towards the open bathroom door and then she saw Rubon and she stopped. He was standing there at the bathroom sink in front of the miror, but before she could tell what he had been doing, he saw her standing there from the corner of his eye. Instantly he was moving away from the mirror and coming towards her. He had probably just been using the bathroom and washing his hands, she thought to herself. He washed his hands alot. 

"I gotta pee," she said "the light in the kitcken wouldn't turn on." And then she walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Rubon walked pass the light switch without trying to flip it on. He walked straight to where the extra light blubs were laying on top of the fridge. They had picked up a pack earlier in the week. There were two blubs left. He screwed the bulb into the light fixture and walked to the switch and flipped it on. The light shone brightly from the kitchen. Ann thanked him for fixing the light and kissed him, they hugged and went back to bed together. 

When they made love that night it was strange for Ann. She loved Rubon dearly and had no doubts about the relationship, but something had been different about the love making. Something had been very different, but still it had been oddly familiar. She felt beside herself beacuse for an even stranger reason it ha reminded her of Tye. Ann knew that her and Tyrel were over. She had loved him far to much, he had loved her far to little. It wasn't a romantic fantasy. It was the actual love making that triggered the thought. 

The way Rubon had performed in bed that night was exactly like Tye. As if Rubon had seen Tye do it a thousand times and had memorized his ex-best friends carnal routines. That didn't seem to add up. Rubon wasn't that sort of guy. At least she hadn't thought he would have been involved with any of Tye's sexual encounters. The next morning Ann slipped out of bed and put her dark purple robe on, Rubon was sound asleep in bed. She started the coffee pot and got in the shower. 

The shower was extra hot and steamy, just the way she always took her showers. The water was so hot you could barely stand it. Sometimes she thought to herself that the hotter the water was, the more of your inner "dirt" that would come off and swirl down the drain. Regardless the reason, it felt great on her aching muscles, she had been so tense making love to Rubon last night. She felt bad because of the way it had reminded her of Tye, like she were somehow betraying Rubon, even though she had not enjoyed it one bit. She loved Rubon and that was it. There was no room left for Tyrel in her heart. 

She cut the water off after 25 minutes. The hot water had run out. She reached out of the shower and grabbed a towel and wrapped her hair up. Pulling the shower curtain back with one hand, she grabbed another towel as she stepped out of the shower onto the rug. After drying off she threw the towel into the clothes hamper and turned towards the sink. Her heart jumped in her chest like it was a jack hammer. She saw what Rubon had been doing lastnight. 

Across the mirror was written: If I cant have her, no one can. The steam had made it reapear as if Rubon had just wrote it on the glass again while she was in the shower. What did that mean? What on earth did that mean? She had a creepy chill run up and down her spine. Was Rubon messing with her? Of course he was silly, she thought to herself, why else would her right something like that? What did that even mean? If I cant have her, no one can. Eriely she was reminded of Tyrel again. 

A year of so after moving in with Tye and Rubon, There had been an incident that happened that made her scared of Tyrel. Up untill that whole mess with that blue tick hound, her opinion of Tyrel had already been in a steady decline for months, and for good reasons. He would lie and steal from her and even his best friend Rubon more often than he would tell the truth or spend any sort of quality time with either of them. But on one October morning the law had showed up at the front door with the animal control man standing behind them looking umcomfortable. 

Tyrel kept her out back. She had a 100 gallon drum on its side stuck in the ground for a dog house and she was on a chain. He fed her every day and had taken her for a walk nearly every day for the three months that he'd had her. He'd named her Sister. She'd followed him out of the woods one day where he'd been out banging one slut or another out by fergusons old still sight. That dog had recieved ten times the attention on a daily basis that either Rubon her She had gotten. She had always felt very guilty about what happened, because even though she was an animal lover, she had developed a bit of a love/hate complex towards that particular dog.

The Sheriff stood there on the front porch with Tyrel while the animal control guy rounded up Sister. Apparently her name was Roxanne and she belonged to a hunter on the other side of one of the nearest ridges. Black oak had alot of hills and ridges and caves. It wasn't really that surprising to Ann that such a fine hunting dog had an owner who wanted her back, but Tyrel was extremly pissed off. He had spent alot of time with that dog and had become attatched. Sheriff Farley knew how Tye could be so he kept posted up right there untill the big white van was well off the property. He appologized to Tyrel and pulled off down the gravel road. 

The minute everyone was gone Tye had went into the garage, climbed into the attitc and pulled out an old bolt action .22 marlin. When Rubon had approached him, trying to disuade him from doing anything stupid, he had said in a very quiet, but clear voice: if i cant have her, no one can. He had walked past them both, got into his jeep, and pulled out of the driveway. They both knew where he was going. He was going to go put Roxanne down. If he couldnt have her, no one would. 

On account of how "crazy" Tye had a reputation of being, the owner of the blue tick never called the law. He heard the .22 pop that evening but never thought anything of it until the next morning. Boys where shooting off .22s in the woods every other day in Black Oak. When he went to feed Roxanne that morning she was laying there with a hole right between her eyes. There was a dark pool of blood surrounding her head where it rested on the ground. 

 Tyrel open his eyes. He was smiling menacily. He had always enjoyed boning that broad. He had purposely performed like he always did. He wanted her to know. How could she not. She had never quite been fully comfortable with the way he did it. He liked it from behind and very rough... from more than one exit. He did not take no for an answer. As he lay there remembering the dream he couldnt help but look smug and satisfied.

A couple of nights after finding the message on the bath room mirror, Ann woke up as usuall to pee around 3 in the morning, and again Rubon was not in the bed with her. She was wide awake instantly. She slid out of bed and walked quietly to the bed room door, which was cracked open, light was spilling through the crack. Pulling the door open a bit wider with her hand, she could see Rubon kneeling in the living room, illuminated by light spilling out of the bathroom doorway. What she saw terrified her. He had a bag stretched tightly over his face and appeared to be suffacating, but what was even more dreadful was how his own hands were locked around his own throat squeezing the life away. 

She burst from the bedroom, rushed across the living room and fell to her knees in front of rubon, immediately clawing at the bag and ripping it away from his mouth and nose. His eyes were rolling in his head as she began scratching and biting at his hands, trying to tear them away from his throat, and prevent him from finishing the grisily act. Finally getting his fingers pried away, she slapped him hard across the face and the collapsed beside him and began sobbing. She could not believe this insanity. What in the hell was he thinking? How could he even think about putting her through something like that?

Tyrel blinked his eyes and was awake. He just left the betrayers laying there sobbing and wimpering like the scalded dogs they were. He slowly realized he was shaking with fury. How dare that little cunt get in his way. Thirty seconds longer. Twenty seconds longer even and Rubon would have been a ghost. Thats alright... they would be completely out of their minds with fear after that little dream. If Ann was smart she would pack her bags and leave now. Go to her Grandparents. But Ann wasn't all that smart. Neither was that jack ass Rubon. He had never had half the brains as me, thought tyrel. 

A wicked gleam came into his eyes just then. He smiled broadly and closed his eyes. It had been a few hours. If he knew his ex best friend, he would be suffer post coidal narcalypsy right about now. He never could console a crying woman without ending up in the bed with her. His smile turned into a true homicidal grin. He would use him to kill her. and then finish what he had started with his good old pal Rubon. It was time to take out the garbage.

Ann opened her eyes. They were dialated but she was smiling broadly. She pulled the covers back and climbed out of bed. Walking around the foot of the bed she came to stop in front of Rubon. Leaning over she whispered into his ear: your next bro. Straighting up, Ann walks to the bedroom window and draws the mini blinds up. 

 She opens the window and begins climbing out. As she is sitting on the window sill she looks over her left shoulder at her ex best friend laying in bed. A wicked grin is spread across her face. Throwing up the piece sign with her right hand she leans forward teetering on the edge for a moment before suddenly throwing her head between her knees and tumbling down to the street below. 

The sound of a woman screaming woke Rubon up. He lay in bed rubbing his eyes. Ann was not beside him. She must be peeing. He smiled. She must pee twice anight. Sirens began waling up the street and stopped outside. He could hear them blaring away out there because the window was up.... why was the window open? The sirens fell silent. That is when he slowly got out of bed and approached the window. He heard a woman who had apparently been walking her dog across the street talking to police. She said that she had heard the poor woman screaming something like: if i cant save her, no one can. and I dont mean to speak ill of the dead... but I would have sworn she was smiling and laughing on the way down. 

 That is when Rubon got sick. Violently sick. He fell to he knees wailing. He pulled his hair and beat his chest and skull and the floor and the wall with his fists. He flailed his entire body around, thrashing into things and over turning the furniture. He broke the mirror on the dressor, he toppled the night stands and threw the mattresses from the bed. He put holes in the door, and then he ripped it from the hinges. He collapsed then in the middle of the living room, hyperventalating, barely able to breath. 

Slowly he gain control over himself. His eyes ha been closed, when they came open there was an blank look in them. They were dull but glossy. Dark. Fixated on one thing. Tyrel. Tyrel had done this. He had killed her. HE had invaded their dreams, he had cursed them and had terrified them, and now he killed Ann for interupting while he had tried to murder him. Rubon knew what was happening. He knew about the astral traveling, he knew about the pyschic spells, he knew exactly what his honor demanded of him.

He could have went outside and talked to police. Instead he just unlocked the door to the apartment, they could walk ther fat donut eating asses up three stories to come question him. He realized he was in shock. He had truly loved Ann. The last thing he wanted to do was talk to some asshole cops who would probably accuse him or shoving her. 

 Some home he managed to walk over and drop into the couch. The couch they had shared. The couch she had picked out. The couch they had made love in last night before they passed back out. He ran across the room to the trash can and got sick again.

The law showed up 15 minutes later, and they questioned him for two hours. They were very appologetic and but otherwise very by the book about things. Surprisingly homicide never came up. They could see the shock all over Rubon. They had even heard him raging when he'd realized what she'd done. He went through the questions on auto polite mode. He didnt really hear a word they said. 

After the police left he collopased on the floor for what seemed like forever. It could have been 5 seconds or 5 days for all he knew. Eventually he pulled himself up from the living room floor. He walked into the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet. He pulled out the felxiril, the teylenal pm, and the nyquil, poped the tops and using the nyquil as a chaser, he swallowed 3 felxiril and 4 teylenal pm. 

He was going to sleep. He was going to beat that son of a bitch to never never land, and when he showed up, Rubon was going to be waiting for him. They had been almost exclusive hunting partners for over a decade. These men knew eachother intimately. He knew just how to flush out his quarry and how to manuver them so that they would be just where he expected them to be. He palmed his smart phone to life and pulled up the contacts tab. He scrolled down to Christian and hit the call button. After leaving a voice mail, he sent a txt to the same number. It was one word: Diablo.

Tyrel awoke with a crazy laughter ringing in his ears. He was laying face down, but he wasn't in bed. He was laying outside the bedroom window, in the flower bed. He began cackling and rolling from side to side. A few short minutes later, still gigling, he rose to his feet. He brushed the mulch from his legs and climbed in through the bedroom window. He walked across the room unlocked his bedroom door and headed for the kitchen. Opening the ridge he began pullin out bacon, eggs, milk, and everything else he would need for a big old breakfast. by the gods he was hungry. 

Thirty minutes later he was scarfing down an omellet, pan cakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast with Jam. He was pouring his second glass of orange juice when he heard the tires crunching in the gravel on the drive way. He shoved his chair back from and rose from the table. Moving across the kitchen he peered out front through the blinds. It was an old Indian motorcycle. Its rider wore all leather and a black bandana.

He saw Christian get off the hog and reach over to do something out of site, probably getting something out of the saddle bags. He straightened up and walked towards the front door of the house. Climb up the stairs he stopped and saw Tye peeking through the blinds. His face lit up with a smile and he waved cheerily. Tyrel knew better than to run from Christian. It would only make things harder. He was the only person in the old crew Tye had ever been afraid of. Those old boys were all crazy, but Christian? Even the dark chaos in Tyrels own mind didn't hold a candle to the insanity which was bred inside the mind of Christian. 

They had all been part of a biker gang. It was a hybrid of The Pagans and The Southern Suns. Ruban, Tyrel, had both been lieutenants of the one of a kind chapter. Christian was a Captain. Had been ever sense the two best friends had known him. He was also almost 20 year their senior. Tyrel opened the door and Christian walked in. The Big man stuck out his hand with the normal hand shake greeting they had all shared for so long in the chapter. But this time instead of reaching around with the other arm and embracing the other man, when Tyrel had clasped his hand and leaned in, Christian held him there and with his free arm jabbed a needle straight into Tyes forarm and then slammed the plunger down with the palm of his hand. He left the needle sticking out of his targets arm, and head butted him. Tyrels world went dark. 

Rubon opened his eyes. He was half smiling and his eyes were dull and flat. He was laying in Tyrels four poster bed. He sat up and got out of the bed. Opening the bathroom door he stopped in front of the mirror. He picked up the straight razer he used for shaving and carved "X" just below both wrists and then dropped the razor noisely into the sink. Wow Tyrel thought to himself, I didn't even have to try with this poor betraying romantic fool. Hes already killed himself. 

He walked to the kitchen table and heavily slumped into the chair that had been pulled out for him. His head was starting to get foggy. Why had a chair been pulled out? who had pulled it out? He picked up the smith and wesson .357 magnum with both hands. He checked the cylnder. Every chamber was full. They looked like hollow points. What was he doing with this gun? This was Tyrels own gun, but he was Ruban wasn't he? He was a litter scatter brained but he had been quite sure this was Rubons dream even though it was his house. Ruban hadnt even figured out... or had he figured things out? Suddenly Tyrel was sweating bullets.

It was dark outside in the dream. From where he was sitting at the kitchen table Tyrel could see himself in the reflection from the darkened window glass, it was like gazing into a black mirror. For him it was like staring into the very mirror of death. He was sitting in one of the tall backed wooden chairs and he held the shiney revolver in his open mouth, the barrel pointed upwards. The last thing he saw was a brilliant flash of blinding light, but he never heard the sound of the gunshot. He didnt see the top of his skull come apart, the fragments of it mixed with brain matter, splatter all over the china cabinet which stood behind him, didn't feel the still smoking pistol slip from his sweaty finger tips, or feel his body slump over out of the chair and onto the floor, blood spreading out around his body as the light receded from his pupils. 

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