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This is a story about hope. I entered it for a competition. It also contains a tad of allegory...

Submitted: June 05, 2013

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Submitted: June 05, 2013



Once there was a pair of shoes. Their Maker made them with His own two hands and with so much love and care, they could only be beautiful. Their Maker loved and adored them but He knew He had to let them go. One day He told them, “You know that I love you very much and that I’ll always love you. I am now sending you into this world with an order: Bring people hope, love and joy. Hope for the future end hope for tomorrow. I gave it to you, now you must give it to them. Remember, you are beautiful and perfect for I made you.” He then gave them a special mark, a smile, and send them off.

After a while they arrived at a place called South Africa. It was nothing like their home and it made them scared but then they remembered their Maker’s words, “I love you very much. Go into this world and bring people hope.” They took another look at where they were. There were so many people, this ought to be easy!

They started to walk. They smiled at everyone that passed but nobody noticed. They were too busy. Once or twice people would look at them for a moment but then just walked past. It was awful! A few times people stepped on them, they stepped into a puddle and, worst of all, it was starting to get dark and they had nowhere to go. Dirty, depressed and cold, they found a corner outside a building. They couldn’t understand why their Maker gave them an order they couldn’t pursue and how could they be beautiful and loved if they are dirty and ugly.  Just then they heard a voice, “My beautiful shoes! I love you and tomorrow is another day. I never said it would be easy. I know you can do it. You are perfect for I look at the inside not at the outside.” Suddenly it was quite again and the shoes fell asleep with a smile on their face. 

The next morning they woke up, still smiling. What a wonderful day! Yes, they were dirty and cold but the sun was shining and the birds were singing. They started walking down the street. There were less people but they kept on smiling . Soon they arrived at a place that looked a lot different than where they had started. There weren’t tall buildings. There were only shacks and the people wore torn clothing.

Suddenly they felt two hands pick them up. It was a little girl with very little clothes to protect her from the morning cold. “Mommy, Mommy! Look, I found a pair of shoes! Aren’t they beautiful? To think, yesterday the doctor said I could lose my toes of the cold and today I find shoes. It’s wonderful!” The girl danced around and the shoes felt home. If you listened real close, you could hear their Maker, the shoes’ and the girl’s, laugh.

- Juané Cronje

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