Oscuridad part 4/Complete Darkness (AKA Shattered Soul)

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Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011




I smile and think about how well things have gone in the past our first kiss, our first hug, the first time when i said i love you and it brings a tear to my eye for 2 reasons, 1: I miss how things used to be between us and 2: You're no longer here with me it brings me to tears just thinking about how you and I have been through so much shit. My heart hasn't completely healed yet and to be honest i don't think it ever will because one of the biggest parts of my heart and soul is and always be YOU! I put on a fake smile all of the time because you're not here with me to make me laugh and smile for real. Part of me just wants to stay enshrouded in the darkness because it helps to cover up the tears i've shed and as i think about us i continue to shed more and more. A lot of my friends say don't worry it will get better soon. I smile and nod my head but how long can i continue to cover up the pain?? This hurts more then the car accident i was in last year ( and you were there and took care of me at the hospital) which made me love you more and more as you did what you could to help me feel better. I've shed more tears in the past month then i've done in quite a while all i need to know is: Will i ever recover from this??


No puedo vivir sin ti/I can't live without you.


I don't have plans and schemes, 

And I don't have hopes and dreams, 

I don't have anything, 

Since I don't have you.....


You mean the world to me i love you so much! always and forever

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