December 25th Fashion $how

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The December 25th Fashion $how is about a single lady that have a child and host a fashion show but first she had a bummy ride but her and her daughter made it.

Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012



December 25th Fashion $how



Ms. Lopez:mom & fashion show host

Selena: Ms. Lopez child& model

Miss Lola:Designs maker& Ms. Lopez sister

Sugar so sweet: model

Mr. Carter: mean guy

Mr. Shane:Selena& ex-husband to Ms.Lopez

Shay: singer


Ms.Lopez- come down here so you can try on clothes.

Selena- but mom I have to get ready for school.

Ms.Lopez- just come down here now.


Miss.Lola- hey little bit

Selena- hey aunt

Miss.Lola- what wrong sweetie

Selena- mom making me put on those dresses for the fashion show

Miss.Lola- oh yeah that fashion show she have every December 25 th fashion show on Christmas.

Selena- why she get very up tight with this fashion show?!

Ms.Lopez-Selena! why did you say that

Selena- what are you talking about mother you didn't hear nothing.


Selena- aunt don't you see what happen to her

Miss.Lola- back with the fashion line

2hours later

Miss.Lopez- sugar plum come down for dinner

The dinner table

Selena-I am not hungry

Ms.Lopez-EAT NOW! like i said

Selena- you know what it seem like you care about that fashion show and not worried about me

Ms.Lopez- Shut up

Selena- mother you know what, I will call my father and ask if i can move with him and his fiance

Ms.Lopez- do you think I care you getting on my nervous so shut up and eat

Miss.Lola-(on the phone) hey sis, did you find the place to do the fashion show

Ms.Lopez- i don't know, but you should come with me

Miss.Lola- ok, where is my sugar-plum

Ms.Lopez- packing up

Miss.Lola- why

Ms.Lopez- she moving with her dad

Miss.Lola- what you need to do is work out things with her, she a little girl she going to act like that get it together sis.


Selena- mom did you hear that in the other room


Ms.Lopez- let me see what in there


Selena- be careful ok and I love you

Ms.Lopez- OMG! who gun is that

Selena- Mommy!

Ms.Lopez- get away from my child

Mr.Carter- you don't remember me

Ms.Lopez- no, who are you

Mr.Carter- you the lady that said I couldn't be in the fashion show

Ms.Lopez- oh right, I am so sorry, don't hurt my baby please

Mr.Carter- I just wanted to get all your money and live here for 2 years

Selena- no, you can't this house have two rooms and you not sleeping with my mom

M.Carter-I know




Sugar so sweet- (on the phone) 911 can you help me my boss and her daughter is indangerthis guy is robbing them and they can't call the police, if they do they both will die

sugar so sweet- Hello anybodyhome

Mr.Carter- tell her to leave

Ms.Lopez- ok, Sugar you should leave right now

Sugar so sweet- what you mean, I always come to your house on the fashion show

(police)- you are on lock down say where you are we coming in

Ms.Lopez- did you call the police

Sugar so sweet- yes


Ms.Lopez- Merry Christmas everyone today I will be your host, Shay start your song

Shay- (singing)

Ms.Lopez- the first person is Sugar so sweet, then my daughter Selena and for the ending the others fashion model, my sister Ms.Lola made the outfits and other accerssories

Mr.Shane- you did good job I love that and I love you

Selena- I love you too, and i am sorry what I said to you mom and I love you too

Ms.Lopez- thats ok, and I am sorry for yelling at you I love you too





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