Stars Episode 1, part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Things don't get off to a fine start for our three friends, especially Val who has to deal with the vexations of the one who'll turn into her worst enemy ...

Part 2

(Embassy kitchen. There’s Val)

Val: This is your first day of work. Do all your best. So, the ambassador asked me to make some tasty cakes for tonight, but the point is “where’s the flour?”. Let’s check in these cupboards, no, here no, not even here... where is it? Uh maybe up there, but ... I need ... a stool ... (she grabs on and steps on it)... Let’s see ... Uh there is the flour ... (While she’s fetching it John comes)

John: Miss Bell ...

Val: Uh! (she starts and falls down dropping the flour which falls onto John who seizes her)

John: Be careful!

Val: Oh, oh, I’m sorry. Terribly sorry ...

John: Don’t worry, it’s ok.

Val: I’m sorry ...

John: I said never mind.

Val: If you give me your jacket I can wash it ...

John: I already told you not to worry, seriously.

Val: (She looks into his eyes) Thank you.

John: I came to give you the list of the cakes you’ve got to bake.

Val: Ah thank you very much.

(Celine comes)

Celine: Darling, what’s happened to you? My god!

John: Nothing, just a little accident.

Celine: But it’s the jacket I gave you as a present.

John: It can be washed.

Celine: Yeah but it won’t be like before.

Val: You’re mistaken. I know a very effective remedy.

Celine: You dirtied it, didn’t you?

Val: I didn’t do it on purpose ...

John: Come on my love ...

Val: You, loser! Let’s go darling.

John: See ya Miss.

Celine: Please!

Val: (After they leave) You bitch!


John: You don’t have a right to treat my staff like that, ok?

Celine: And what staff!

John: This should be none of your concern. Next time you’ll mistreat one of my employees, you can say goodbye to this embassy. Do I make myself clear?

Celine: Forgive me, darling.


(Sarah is having a look at the embassy)

(Victor comes)

Victor: Hello. Do you need any help?

Sarah: Oh, I was just studying these paintings. I’m the tour guide of this embassy.

Victor: Oh, I am Victor, the electrician.

Sarah: Sarah.

Victor: Nice to meet you.

Sarah: Pleased to meet you too. Are you new here?

Victor: All the staff is new here.

Sarah: Yeah of course.

Victor: You don’t look so thrilled.

Sarah: I’m not actually. I’ve been forced to come here. We’re on the rocks.

Victor: So am I. I’m totally broke.

Sarah: We’re gonna have fun here, aren’t we?

Victor: We’re definitely gonna work. Anyway the ambassador is a kind person, isn’t he?

Sarah: By now all the people around me are annoying to me. Excuse me! (She goes away)


(In the corridor)

Fran: How did you do it? I can’t believe it.

Bridget: I’m sorry, Fran.

Fran: I have to take it to the seamstress’s now. No, you are gonna take it there, ok?

Bridget: Anything to soothe your anger.

Fran: Nothing can soothe it. Nothing!

Bridget: Fra ...

Fran: Bridget! Don’t make things worse, please.

Bridget: Ok!

(Benjy passes by)

Fran: You!

Benjy: Yeah?

Fran: Take this dress to the seamstress.

Benjy: What? I am not the pony express, but the chauffeur.

Fran: I don’t care about who you are! My orders are orders.

Benjy: Why don’t we introduce us first?

Fran: You just won’t get it, will you? I am the little ambassadress, and therefore you must obey me.

Bridget: And what’s your name?

Benjy: Benjamin.

Fran: Bridget we don’t give a damn about it. You go away, immediately.

Benjy: Ok. (He leaves)

Bridget: Wasn’t I supposed to take your dress to the seamstress’s?

Fran: Come on Bridget, everyone knows you are a bomb!

Bridget: Thanks!


(In Celine’s bedroom)

Celine: Do you believe it?

Mary: Unbelievable.

Celine: I can’t believe it at all. He’s gonna pay for it!

Mary: Calm down, Celine. Do you want him to find you out?

Celine: I told you not to talk about this story, ok?

Mary: Sorry, but you make me rake over your past.

Celine: Shut up! Anyway, would you like a cuppa?

Mary: Yeah, I just feel like one.

Celine: We’re gonna have fun now.

Mary: Don’t be too mean.

(Celine calls Val on the intercom. Val is kneading)

Val: Hello?

Celine: Hi, little skivvy. Bring me two cuppas right away, understand?

Val: Yes, madam.

Celine: Look sharp!

Val: Ah, I’m fed up with this bitch already!

Celine: I can’t wait to get married to my Johnny.

Mary: Hurry up!

Celine: Stop saying “hurry up” all the time.

(They knock at the door)

Celine: Come in!

Val: Here’s your tea madam.

Celine: Thanks, little skivvy.

Val: You’re welcome.

Celine: Before you go, I’d like to talk to you.

Val: Certainly, madam.

Celine: First of all call me Miss Allen, ok? Then when you answer the intercom don’t say “Hello” you are not speaking on the phone, finally do your job well if you don’t wanna be fired. Do I make myself clear?

Val: Very clear.

Celine: Go away now, I don’t need you anymore!

Mary: Are you silly or what?

Celine: What?

Mary: What if she tells John?

Celine: Her word against mine. Let’s drink the tea now before it cools down.


(In the park)

John: Ah thank God you’ve come!

Nick: What’s happening to you?

John: Nothing. The thing is that ... Celine ...

Nick: Thought so. She’s tiresome, isn’t she?

John: Not only. She wants to be in charge of the embassy. She thinks she’s my wife. Incredible!

Nick: What happened?

John: She kicks the staff around ...

Nick: Natural. She kicks you around, just think the staff.

John: Tell me about it. Look! (He points to Val who’s taking the garbage out)

Nick: What?

John: That girl!

Nick: So what?

John: (He smiles)

Nick: Ah the problem isn’t Celine, but that girl.

John: What did you say? That’s the girl Celine trashed, that’s why we quarrelled.

Nick: Ok.

(John goes to Val)

John: Hello, miss

Val: Hello, sir.

John: You can call me John.

Val: Ok, John.

John: Anyway I wanted to apologize about what happened earlier in the kitchen, I’m referring to my girlfriend.

Val: No, you don’t have to apologize, your girlfriend was right. It was a very expensive jacket ...

John: I’m not that keen on clothes. Anyhow, let me introduce you to my friend Nick.

Val: Hello.

Nick: Pleased to meet you.

John: By the way you’re invited to tonight’s party.

Val: I’m glad, but don’t forget I’m the cook here and ...

John: Don’t worry. After you finish your shift you can come to the party, I care, ok?

Val: Ok.


(In the yard. Benjy is about to get in the embassy car to take Fran’s dress to the seamstress’s)

Benjy: Look what I have to do! This is manic!

[Mrs Richardson comes (Justine) who sees him]

Justine: Excuse me! What’re you doing? You cannot use the embassy car without the permission of the ambassador or ambassadress!

Benjy: Actually ...

Justine: Get out of the car straight away, if you don’t wanna be fired. (She opens the car door)

Benjy: (Getting out)Please, listen to me ...

Justine: Come on, let’s hear what you’ve got to say ...

Benjy: Your daughter, the little ambassadress, ordered me to take her dress to the seamstress’s, this is the truth.

Justine: What?

(Sarah and Val’s new bedroom)

(Sarah’s reading a book)

(Val comes)

Sarah: Hey! How was your first day of work?

Val: I better not tell you!

Sarah: Why what’s happened?

(Enters Benjy)

Benjy: Goodness me!

Sarah: What’s going on?


Submitted: March 06, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Juanito. All rights reserved.

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