Don't Wait For Miracles To Happen

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Miracles do help us in life.Some spend their life waiting for miracles,some wished for miracles.But,to achieve a miracle,one need to take the first step to achieve that miracle.The day one fall to the depth of darkness ,they just sat there awaiting for miracles,they were to afraid to take the first step as taking the first step may bring them back to the darkness.So they rather die waiting for miracle, then taking action.


Charmed life?Is it the same as having miracles?.I do not know.Some said I lead a charmed life.Some said I always have miracles happening in my life.I did not ask them why they say like that.The only answer formed in my head was:I always get what I wanted.My family was very rich and they supported me with everything they have.School fees, business, and investment.I was voted as the riches teenage boy when I was only 14.I had already open up my own business that can overtake my uncle's business which had been operating since I was 3.I was at the top of the world by the time I was 18.I can manipulate people around me because I was rich and my family was from the ruling family.I was an arrogant,selfish and a proud person.What I did not know was my arrogant can get me killed.

"Zothaniel,mind doing me a favor?"Nick asked me through the phone.I was on the way back to Rome, to visit my girlfriend.

"Yea?"I sounded annoyed by his deep throaty voice.He was always trying to get money from me."Don't tell me you need me to pay your debt again?"

He chuckled softly."You got me there,Z"

"I'm sorry but who are you?"I asked with a serious tone.I don't need a guy like him behind my back.I wanted to severe any connection I had with him last time but I could not feed him to the wolves like that, after all he was my closest friend.Now, I really don't want to help him anymore, I want to feed him to the wolves, I want him to disappear from my life forever.Being with a guy like him will only get me killed.

"C'mon Z, don't be like this.I promise this is the last time I will gamble.No more next time."he pleaded.I was almost going in for his trap but my conscious mind totally took control of me.I cut off the line and stuffed the phone into my pocket.I leaned my head against the head-rest and closed my eyes,imagine that Angela was right beside me.Angela was the only one that can give me comfort.No one else.Not even my mother.

"Mr.Zothaniel,we will be landing in an hour."the stewardess told me .I nodded to reply her.

Two hour later, I was in the arms of Angela.I was drowned by her kisses and her scent.She was a beautiful woman.Every man wanted to be her man but she chooses me although I was the last man to have ever asked her out.We spend the night together in her room, watching stars above us.The ceiling of her bedroom had been replaced by fused silica glass so that was why we could see the stars as we lay in her bed.

"How was the business?,"she asked suddenly.

"The usual."I answered simply,caressing her soft hair.

"When are you leaving?"she asked another question,this time with sadness in her tone.

"When do you want me to leave?"I kissed her forehead lightly."I will leave when you tell me to."

"Really?,"she sat up and stared at me with her wonderful hazel eyes."Then, I don't want you to leave at all"

Now,it's my turn to sat up.I smiled at her but that smile did not touch my eyes"Honey,you know that couldn't happen right?"

"I know."Then, she yawned."Goodnight, Z"she laid back down and closed her eyes.

"Goodnight, baby."I stood up and walk over to my laptop on her table, opposite her bed.I still had jobs to do.I wanted to take over the world and be named the riches man of all time.What I did not know was life cannot be predicted.

Two days later, the most dreaded moment arrived and hit the whole world.The economic value were dropping like a meteor had landed on Earth.It was terrifying.People starved to death and people commit suicide before a week after the drop of the value.Businessman such as myself were forced to shut down our company as we were having trouble paying the bills.I tried my best to hang on hoping that miracle can arrive and save us all.Unfortunately,hanging on was an arduous job to do.

A month later,nothing changes.The miracle I was hoping for did not come.I was left to a decision where I had to shut down my whole company.I was bankrupt in an instant.I flew to Rome to find the only person that can give comfort to me.Angela.

When I arrived at her house.I was taken aback by the look of it.It look like it was abandon.Windows closed.Doors shut tightly.No lights.Weeds growing taller.As I walked towards the front door and raised a hand to knock on it lightly, I wondered where they have gone.When I knocked once , no one answered.My heart was pounding hard against my chest, blood flowing across my arteries in a higher speed to meet the my demand for oxygen.I knocked twice,harder this time.As I began to knocked the third time,the bolts of the door releasing was heard and the door swung open.

I was hoping the person who opened the door was Angela.My whole world lit up like shining stars but came crushing down into the pits of Hades when I saw Doretto,Angela's maid.My leg shook under me and I had to grab hold of the doorway so I did not fall.

"Doretto,where is Angela?" I gasped at her.Her eyes were sad and gloomy when I stared at her.She shook her head lightly

"I am very sorry sir, Miss Angela and her whole family left for Japan yesterday."She answered."I overheard from miss that she was going to marry a japanese man."

I was so shocked at the news she told me, I totally fell onto the ground.I knelt before her like I was her slave.She tried to get me up but she could not hold my weight at all.I was left there on the porch all alone after a few attempt to get me up.Without me realizing it,tears began to formed in the rims of my eyes.  I sat there the whole night till I was ready to walk and leave.I wished for a miracle to happen.I wished Angela would come back to me.

Twenty years later,still nothing changed except I was an old man.A fool still waiting for a miracle.A fool still waiting for the woman I love.I was bedridden in the cheapest hospital I could afford.I spent my life waiting for a miracle to change my whole life so I locked myself in the room, refusing to eat and drink, praying and hoping that something ot someone will be able to save me from this torturing life.

I die before that miracle came.

I knew that deep down in my heart miracle do not happen on it's own.In fact, we had to take the first step to make miracle to happen.The first step was always the hardest when you had fall because you are afraid that you were going to go through that pain of falling again so you would rather stop and wait for miracle to come then feeling the pain again.I was like that, afraid of taking the first step towards victory.So I waited for miracles to happen and die waited.

Submitted: December 01, 2012

© Copyright 2021 juantwihard95. All rights reserved.

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