I'm Leaving

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

In one clear afternoon in the middle of the year,Jose was going to made a dreadful decision that can change four lives.


He inhaled the air around him deeply just like a man inhaling the air for the first time.The air in this place was different from where he had left to come here.He lifted his head to stare at the cloudless blue sky which never fails to enthrall him when he was a young boy.As he closed his eyes, he could not only listen to the beating of the waves but he could also feel the waves beating against the wall below him, the sea water splashing his face.He thought he can never feel like this anymore.

He grabbed his bagpack after spending a while staring at the sky.Some people who passed by, stared at him weirdly.This was a very small town in California where everyone knew the in-and-out of the town and he was an unfamiliar face to them.What they did not know was he had lived here when he was a boy.

He pressed the doorbell when he found himself in front of the house he had missed so much.He waited for a few seconds before he heard a girl's voice yelling:"Coming!"

The door swung open and a beautiful girl stood in the doorway.Her lips were spread into wide grin when she saw him.She quickly moved forward and wrapped her arms around his waist, tears of joy flowing down her cheeks.He smiled too, and patted her head gently.

After she had released him, she shouted into the house to call her family."Looks who is here!" She declared happily.She took him by the arm and led him into the house.His eyes swept around the house easily,recalling that the furniture around the house had not been moved at all.

"Jose?" A rough yet gentle voice sounded in the hallway.Jose's eyes met the eyes of the man who called him.The man was big and tall with tattoos all over his left arm.He was a hoodlum back when he was a teenager.

Jose dropped his bag on the floor and closed the distance between him and the man.He gave the man a big bear hug and said:"Father."

"Jose?" Another voice came in the hallway, but this was more childlike.

"Come on,Fed." The girl who greeted Jose waved at the boy who had his head emerged out of the corner.

"It's not Fed!" The boy grumbled as he quickly ran to Jose and hugged him.

"Hey Federick!" Jose laughed and carried him in his arms when their father released him.Jose lifted Federick off the floor and swung him like a ragged doll."Where is mama?"

Federick glanced over his shoulder and pointed behind him.Jose who was carrying Federick walked towards the kitchen with the girl trailing behind them like bodyguard.A woman in her forties was standing in front of the sink with her back to them,washing plates.

"Mama." Federick and the girl said in unison.Both gave each other a quick joking sneer when Jose put Federick back on the ground.He was coming close to shedding tears when their mother turned to the sound of Federick's and the girl's call."I called first, Karolina."Federick said loftily.

"What is it with both of you again?" Mama asked as she wiped her hands on the apron she was wearing before looking up to see them.She gasped in surprise and let the fact that her eldest son who had been gone for ten years was back, standing perfectly in front of her eyes to sink in her mind.She practically ran up to him despite her injured left ankle which cannot be cured as this was a hereditary disease.She hugged him and sobbed noiselessly.

After Karolina led Jose to his room and let him have his time to do his unpacking, the whole family were sitting in the living room, talking and laughing while Federick was playing cards by himself.

"Ten years, brother.How old are you now?" Karolina mused, counting with her fingers.

"Twenty eight."Jose replied, returning the cards Federick showed him just now."You are seventeen right?"

"Yep."Karolina answered with a rather proud voice.

"I'm 12 this year !" Federick suddenly bursts into the conversation.Jose chuckled.

" No one asked you ! " Karolina retorted.

"No one asked you! " Federick mimicked.

"Mama, look at Federick again ! He is always doing that!" Karolina complained, glaring at Federick.

"Federick, don't do that anymore.It's a bad habit." Mama criticised Federick. Federick nodded and apologize to Karolina."Good boy." She paused."I'll get the coffee."

As soon as their mother stood up and left the living room, Federick made faces to Karolina. Jose only smiled at his brother and sister.He couldn't do anything.It was in their nature to fight like that.

"What have you been doing for the past ten years?" Their father suddenly asked Jose.

Jose shrugged lightly."Nothing much."

"Nothing much?" Jose's father repeated."Ten years in England and you have been doing nothing?"He asked angrily.Their father was a hot -tempered man and he would hit anyone who messed woth him ."Then all these years I have sent you there for nothing?"

"Honey, relax." Mama appeared in the living room, carrying a tray of cups of coffee.Jose reached into his jacket and pulled out a piece of paper.A certificate.

"Father, mama.I got my PhD in GeoScience engineering," Jose  annouced proudly.

"Congratulations brother," Karolina said happily.

Jose's father's eyes were flooded with tears as he reached forward to give Jose a hug."Welcome back, my son."

At night,Karolina who had her license last week offered to give Jose a ride around the town to let Jose catch up with whatever was happening in the town.Federick also joined them and he was excited enough to point at every buildings or shops that he found interesting to Jose.

After showing Jose around their small town , they went to the beach.Federick was so hyperactive, he virtually dragged Jose out of the car as soon as Karolina parked the car at the parking lot.Federick kicked his shoes out of his feet when he reached the sandy ground.

"Come on,let's take a swim! " Federick yelled to his sister-who was standing by her car-excitedly.

Karolina shook her head."No, no, no.You know what papa says about swimming in the sea."

"Sister,please."Federick ran back to his sister,grabbed her hands and pleaded.

Karolina started to open her mouth to protest but stopped when Jose took off his shirt and threw it at her.He ignored Karolina's plea and stepped into the sea.Jose and Federick started swimming in the warm sea despite the cold and windy night.Karolina could only sigh and watch her two arrogant brother have their fun in the sea.Federick had never laughed like this after Jose had left.

One hour later, they were back in their house , turning in for the night.Everyone in the house had a good night sleep except for Jose.He had important matters on his mind.He had only one reason to come back to see his family again.The only reason he came back in the first place.He recalled what his doctor told him two weeks ago.

"Jose,I am very sorry to tell you this.Your report came out." Doctor Mackenzie said."You only hav another three weeks to live.Your condition is much worse than I thought."

"What illness?" Jose asked, fear creeping into his whole body.

"Brain Cancer, Stage four." Doctor Mackenzie answered, meeting Jose's eyes."You have the rights to stay in the ward or go anywhere you wish."

"I think I will leave for my hometown."Jose finally said after a few minutes of silence.

The next night, their mother and Karolina were in the kitchen preparing for dinner with the groceries their father bought in the wet market near their neighbourhood.The guys were in the living room, watching television.

"Are you leaving again?" Jose's father asked.

Federick's head whipped around to stare with horror at Jose.He feared that Jose was going to leave again after ten years of separation.

"You are not going to leave right?"Federick scrambled to his feet and stood in front of Jose. Federick's sadness burned in Jose's eyes as both stared at each other. Jose did not want to tell them about his illness because he did not want them to be crying when he left this world.

Jose reached up and ruffled Federic's hair from where he sat."I am not leaving but even if I do, I will be-"he paused while pointing a finger at Federick's chest."-here."

"Promise me you wiill never leave." Federick shook his head, unable to accept the fact that Jose will be leaving him."Promise me." He insisted firmly.

Jose could only smile and hug his younger brother without a word.He did not want to make a promise that could not be kept. Federick just sobbed against Jose's chest as Jose assured him not to cry.

After dinner,they watched a movie called 'People Like Us' staring Chris Pine. A movie about a broken family.When it was time to hit the sack, Federick and Jose were in Federick's room talking softly. Federick was still trying to make Jose promise as Jose was tucking him in his bed.

"Jose..." Federick began.Jose smiled easily and planted a kiss on Federick's forehead.

"Goodnight, Federick. Sleep well." Jose told him and turned off the lights in his room.His parents ans sister were fast asleep when he checked on them. His bag was packed up nicely so he did not need to spend the last of his life packing his bag.Today was his last day and he was sorry for not telling his family about it. As he descended the stairs slowly, his fingers trailed along the wall of his house, trying to keep the feeling in his memory while he tried to keep the tears from flowing out of the rims of his eyes.He gave another glance at his living room before he reached for the front door as tears leaked out of his eyes.He left and closed the door behind him quietly.


Submitted: December 06, 2012

© Copyright 2021 juantwihard95. All rights reserved.

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angel plant

Nice I enjoyed it very much. Good flow interesting. I want to read more.

Thu, December 6th, 2012 12:45pm


Thank you.At first I thought it was you know, kinda weird. But anyway thanks. You are the first to tell me that..Im touched.I thought no one would ever read my stories...XD

Fri, December 7th, 2012 1:36am

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