Sherlock & Watson part 1

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Inspired reading sherlock holmes. Don't you just love that story old chap?

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012



Its the year 1847, and i almost died. Ever tried plumetting down a slope at 40 km/h on a dislodged piece of cardboard, well dont. I barely missed a tree and i got a shallow wound as my skin scrapped against a boulder. As i looked behind, i saw the three sweaty faces staring at me helplessly as i made my way down to the pathway. Before i hit the tiles, i managed to use my foot as a steering rod to avoid all of my limbs from getting broken. It was a success, but in the process i accidentally swerved myself to a small bump on th ground which acted like a ramp. Off i went, up into the air, down onto bundles of food. Well, it wasn't really a soft landing, but it was better than hard rock \"Sir, you're gonna have to pay for damaginy freshly grown fruits,\" the shopkepper told me in a stern voice. \"Well,\" I said as i stood up to brush off the dirt on my suit, \"You got a point there chap. But prehaps your telling the wrong guy. You see those three holigans on top of the hill? Ahh, their the cost of this horrible mess. Now if you would excuse me, im behind my schedule. Cherio, my good man.\" With that i picked up my specially designed walking cane (it was a fashion that time to have one) and rushed of to my next location.

\"Watson, your rather late today aren't you?\" A voice said as i reached the entrance of the museum. \" Oh, Holmes. You startled me for a moment. Well you see, the 'very easy' task you gave me may not have gone according to plan, your one by the way. So I, don't go berserk, i had to... What was the word? Ah, improvise.\" \"Fool! I already specifically told you to follow the plan! If plan A didn't work, use plan B!\" \"I was getting there. You know, your getting more and more impatient as time goes by Holmes, is because of that revolting tea you drink?\" \"It isn't revolting, it comes from Asia, Thailand to be precise. Theres only one type of farm that grows this tea, its limited! Even the King, Taj something loves it!\" \"Nevermind that, back to the point. Plan B was ridiculous, charge in without a plan? What kind of plan is that?!\" \"No it isn't, you just didnt...\" \"Oh do shut up, we're already late and we are argueing about the past. Let's not waste any more precious time.\" As Holmes reached for the door, i suddenly saw that the flooring seemed abit out of place. Immediately i banged Holmes out of the way and jumped over the garbage before the ground could swallow us. \"I say Wattson, since when did you become quicker and more observant than me?\" \"Must be the tea.\" \"Whatever dimwit, no time to waste. Well obviously someone does'nt want us to enter the musuem, so i need you to be the decoy.\" \" Why must I do all the theorotical stuff?\"

I had trouble keeping up with Holmes, he was swerving left, right and up as he made his way to the top of the clock tower. \"I say Holmes, what are we doing up here?\" \"Change of plans. While running here, i overheard some young women talking about how they were chased out of the museum because government is there, meaning maximum security. So cover me while i snipe that proud leader of theirs, thay will teach them a thing or two. My dear friend, may i ask what time is it?\" What? Why is he asking for the time in this kind of situation? As if he had read my mind, he said,\" Just tell me! I have him in sight!\" \" 11:59, Holmes.\" \"Seconds!\" \"Pardon?\" \"Stupid pig headed retard! How many more seconds till 12 noon?!\" \"10. Need me to countdown?\" \"Whatever you want.\" \"5....4....3....2...1... Its twe...\" The deafening sound of the clocks bell almost made me deaf. No wonder why Holmes stuffed some cotton in his ears. Just when the bells rang, Holmes pulled the trigger. \"Used the clock to cover up the sniper shot eh Holmes, ingenius.\" \"No time for compliments. We have got to run for now.\" \"May i ask why? You killed the guy, mission acconplished.\" \"..... I missed. Im not what i used to be, old age is catching up on me. Hurry, to the barracks!\"

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