Night Walk

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The enjoyment of conversation

Submitted: October 19, 2009

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Submitted: October 19, 2009



Night Walk

Night walking in a light rain -

the flower shop lady invites me in,

joined by her husband,

our conversation wanders

through our growing up

and our feelings about religion

I realize that I have not relaxed,

settled back, warmed myself

in a meandering discussion

for a long time.

Isn’t there something that needs to be done?

Shouldn’t I go home to check the e-mail?

Finish that book, make that phone call?

The flower lady said she did not feel comfortable

at a Catholic Mass/communion

because she knew

she was not supposed to share

in their consecrated bread

so it seemed they did not accept her.

Once when her family had moved to a new town

her father decided they could visit the two churches

to see which they wanted to join.

The first one had older but very nice people.

Second had active young people and

the children were drawn to this

until their father said that they might consider

which church needed them most.

Then walking again, cool mist, cold wet grass,

light rain in the streetlights, home,

warm in the heart.

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