Why it's better to be a paperclip than a clothes-peg

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In this essay you'll find out why it's better to be a paperclip than a clothes-peg.

Submitted: November 09, 2012

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Submitted: November 09, 2012



If you, the reader, consider this a weird statement, I, the writer, am just quite bored and think this is a nice random statement to prove. By the way, I do think you can better be a paperclip than a clothes-peg. So, if you ever have to choose – after this essay you’ll know what decision to make!

For a start, as a clothes-peg you are being pressed to a wet piece of clothing time after time. Unless it’s very hot, this cannot be too nice! As a paperclip on the other hand you are pressed to paper. If you’re a bit flexible you might even be able to read the report! Let me put it differently, as a clothes-peg you will be bored and wet all day (and when the clothes are dry experience what sandpaper feels all day!), while as a paperclip you are able to read something interesting (or not so interesting, depending on the report and your interests) and relax.

Secondly, as a paperclip you are more practical and useful than as a clothes-peg. As a paperclip you can be used as a necklace and you can easily be put as a bookmark between the pages of a certain book without ruining it, while as a clothes-peg this is impossible. You can, as a paperclip, function as a clothes-peg (though, as stated before, this might not be very pleasant), but as a clothes-peg you’d make a very lousy paperclip. Simply said, people will be a lot happier with you if you’re a paperclip than if you’re a clothes-peg.

Last (but not least), as a paperclip your life will most likely last longer than if you’re a clothes-peg. Clothes-pegs are easily broken and deformed. Paperclips, however, are made of metal and therefore not easily broken. They can be deformed, but even deformed paperclips can still be useful – whereas with clothes-pegs this is not the case. So, if you care about living a long, useful life you should choose to be a paperclip. If you would rather live a short life, break and be either thrown away or changed into something else, you might as well be a clothes-peg.

All in all, it just really depends on what you want. Some will do better as a paperclip, while others will be fine as a clothes-peg. But overall being a paperclip has more advantages than being a clothes-peg. So, if you ever have to choose, you know you should choose the paperclip. Hopefully the paperclip will realize just how lucky he is!

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