A True Wine From A False Fruit

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How 'Feni'a true wine is made.

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012




A True Wine from a False Fruit

Subba Rao


“I smell fruity odor, are you drinking something?” Dan looked at Juggernaut in a jolly good mood drinking from a coffee mug.

“Yeah, I am drinking wine made from a peculiar pseudo fruit,” Juggernaut licked his lips clockwise starting from the middle of the upper lip.

“What is pseudo fruit?”

“Cashew Apples.”

“Cashew Apples?”

“You like Cashew nuts, don’t you?”

“Sure, I love them, expensive though.”

“Cashew seed or nut grows inside a small nut like fruit with a very hard oily shell.”

“A nut inside a nut; sounds like a nut job.”

“If that was bizarre, listen to this; the fruit stalk grows into a colorful juicy fruit like structure, a false fruit called Cashew Apple.”

“With my business sense I can figure it out what caused the Cashew tree to grow false Cashew Apples. As I always say if something goes wrong in the nature, sooner or later it will be corrected; the Cashew seed or nut is too tasty and readily edible to grow in a thin skinned fleshy fruit, so to protect the seed, the fruit turned into a hard-shelled nut with pungent oil to protect the seed. Then, the fruit juices have to be stored some place and the fruit stalk turned into a false fruit to house the juices, there goes the story of a false fruit.”

“Well, Dan you can figure it out everything.”

“I couldn’t have run all these businesses without common sense,” “Now, what is the connection between the Cashew and the wine?”

“Cashew Apple, the false fruit has a very thin coat with full of flavorful juice when fermented for few days turned into wine with strong fruity flavor,” Juggernaut emptied the mug, that serves multipurpose to drink water, coffee, tea, wine and other liquids. 

“The Cashew Apple wine has a strong flavor; I can smell it from here”

“True, the taste is in the flavor, I love this wine,” Juggernaut looked at the half-empty bottle of Feni, a true wine from a false fruit Cashew Apple.

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