Am I Thinking Stupid or What

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We recycle fat into animal feed to fatten the animals. The animal fat is fattening people to sickness. Why recycle fat into animal feed in the first place. I don’t get it.

Submitted: March 06, 2010

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Submitted: March 06, 2010



Am I Thinking Stupid or What

Subba Rao

We recycle fat into animal feed to fatten the animals. The animal fat is fattening people to sickness. Why recycle fat into animal feed in the first place. I don’t get it.

The doctors are recycling body fat to refill and beef up shrinking body surfaces. Why feed on fat in the first place?

A week in hospital for a routine surgery costs around 40,000 dollars more than average annual salary in the Unites States.If an average family of 5 pays an annual health insurance premium of 15,000 dollars, how an insurance company can pay 40,000 dollars per a surgery in one year and cover other medical expenses for the rest of the family for the entire year Sooner or later the system should go broke. . I don’t get it.

Why the inflation in medical and education business is 10 to 20 times higher than national inflation rate? Why can’t they provide services in these industries at national average inflation rate? I don’t get it.

Can’t we maintain steady standard of living without producing and consuming too much stuff? Why we have to buy too much stuff to keep the economy going as a means of employment. I don’t get it.

The average annual health insurance premium for a self employed family is around $17,000.It is expected to be around $25,000 in couple of years. May be one should consider death as a cheaper alternative.You get it.

A senator announces that he is not going for re-election after two or three terms in the office since nothing could be accomplished in highly partisan legislature. Why he didn’t resign in protest after 3 or 4 years in his first term. Had he did it, it could have done more good to the politics and for the people. I don’t get it. If congressmen keep resigning from their posts in protest in middle of their terms, something good will happen to the legislation.

Do we have to manufacture 15 million cars per year to keep the economy going? Can we cut it down to half and still maintain the economy? The experts say no. I don’t get it.

Some experts say America can survive without manufacturing jobs. How? I don’t get it.

Hundred of millions of dollars were allocated to the community colleges nationwide to retrain the unemployed people for new skills.Good. How many people were really benefitted from this program after spending millions of dollars? I don’t get it.

Why employ people to resurface excellent roads in good shape. Is not gross waste of materials and man-hours?Well, experts say that’s one way of providing employment.Knocking down good structures to rebuilt the same? I don’t get it.

Just over 4 million home owners cannot pay their mortgages or in risk of losing their homes, why build more homes.To keep the economy going? I don’t get it.

Those 10 million jobs lost during this great recession and 10 million under employed would never get a job equivalent to the job they lost.Like over stocked goods on sale at cut rate prices, these people could only get minimum wage jobs, if at all.You get it.

Have you attended any inspiration speeches by a celebrity? Well, the only person benefit is the celebrity’s pocket book. You get it.

With over 12 trillion dollars in foreign debt and over 35 trillion unfunded dollars for domestic social entitlement programs, if politicians declare that we are the richest nation in the world.What were they thinking? I don’t get it.

If one takes into consideration, the amount of emissions emitted into the atmosphere In the process of producing corn in the field to generate 1 gallon of ethanol, it would be mind boggling. Is this idea to protect environment.What were they thinking?I don’t get it.

If one wants to cut down medical and education expenses, outsource these two services to any other country in the world.The local prices would drop like a rock. You get it.

Attending corporate sponsored seminars in personal development, mind mapping and others alike are only good for escaping from the office.Rather than wasting time chatting at water-coolers and copying machines, attending these self improvement seminars may be good as long as the company is taking the tab.Ask those that attended these seminars, a week after, none have any clue how it affected them. The only beneficiaries are those giving the seminars for a fee. You get it.

Some years ago Chrysler purchased Mercedes- Benz, Kmart purchased Sears, now TATA purchased Jaguar and Ambani wants to purchase MGM. Snake oil salesmen going amok or what. I don’t get it.

When mortgage backed securities were sold as safe investment, how come the loud-mouth, outspoken market analysts on TV couldn’t figure it out that it was all toxic and nothing but scam. I don’t get it.

How come the financial consultants didn’t see the connection between housing bubble and stock market meltdown in advance?Are they stupid or just playing dumb?I don’t get it.

Tell the relatives of those very old extremely sick patients with no hope of recovery in the hospital that Medicare went broke and no more money was left for medical care and the nearest kin have to take the tab, they will run for the door leaving their loved ones, never to comeback. No more unreasonable demands for more tests and surgeries. You get it.

The country folks that benefit most from the government handouts (farmers, ranchers, cattlemen etc.,) are those that are vocal and complaint about too much government involvement and that government is wasting money and imposing more taxes.I don’t get it.

Hundreds and thousands of those folks that file for disability benefits with social security (mostly unqualified petitioners) are those that complain most that government is too intrusive into their personal lives and wasting money. I don’t get it.

Ask one of those that disrupt town hall meetings, how many their immediate family members are beneficiaries of government social programs. They will run for the door.You get it.

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.” hard to understood the mathematical equation that explains this as part of physics curriculum.If energy cannot be destroyed then what happened to all the energy generated from burning oil and gas over the decades.The energy converted to some form is there some place to recover it. I don’t get it.

Unfairness, injustice, inequality, disparity, inconsistency, contradiction, prejudice, intolerance, discrimination, bigotry, fanatism or bias whatever the name based on color, creed, caste, accent, belief or any other feature or value, is like a human body mass index. It can grow fast, slow, steady, or never.

United States Postal Service (USPS) is losing billions of dollars delivering junk mail 6 days a week. What Kind of a business model is that. I don't get it.

On above issues, am I thinking stupid or what. I don’t get it.

We need tabloid journalists to take on Wall Street investors, Hedge Fund managers, Bankers and acquisition mangers to expose their TLC (thieves, liars and con men) tactics. The main street journalists and government agencies with their incompetence brought on us the “Great Recession.” You get it.

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