Chow Down Moringa

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The green pods of Moringa tree also called Drumstics for its length is a delicacy when properly cooked. Juggernaut prefers to call Moringa rather than Driumstics to avoid confusion with Chciken legs

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



Chow Down Moringa

Subba Rao

“I love drumstick curry,” Juggernaut opened his lunch box.

“I thought you like chicken breast,” Dan was trying to look into Juggernaut’s lunch box.

“Who said bout chicken?”

“Well, you said drumsticks.”

“You see, how vegetables getting bad rap again; drumsticks for vegetarians mean tender Moringa pods not chicken legs,” Juggernaut started chewing tender pieces of curried Moringa pods like a cow ruminates at leisure.”

“I never heard a vegetable with name Moringa or drumstick.”

“Well, Moringa a common backyard tree, its flowers and leaves are cooked in a variety of ways from soups to stir-fries.  The long pods with seeds harvested when green and tender are the main edible product of Moringa tree, since the pods are one to two feet long, they go with name Drumsticks. The tender pods enclosing immature seeds with characteristic strong Moringa flavor are soft to chew after cooking, the seeds with soft pulp around were loaded with minerals more than in a glass of cow’s milk.” juggernaut continue to chew the pods.

“Well, certainly eating Moringa pods or Drumsticks is work cut out like eating lobster, crab or crawfish,” Dan gave a strange look at Juggernaut as he continued to chew the pods and placing the well chewed up pods on a paper plate neatly. The discarded chewed up thick pods looked more like well chewed straw from mouth of a cow.

“Whether it is stewed or curried, Moringa is a delicacy, no other vegetable can match; I hope it is more often called Moringa rather than drumsticks,” Juggernaut gave a rest to his jaws done chewing the pods at length.

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