Drive the Demons Out

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Neem tree from flowers to roots have medicinal value. More importantly, neem limbs are used by witch doctors to drive the demons out of people. Read this.

Submitted: June 01, 2012

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Submitted: June 01, 2012



Drivethe Demons Out

Subba Rao

“Neem tree is truly herbal, from inside out and tip to toe; the twigs are used as tooth brushes oozing bitter antibacterial juice while chewing better than tooth paste; the dry leaves makes good herbal tea to treat from malaria to all kinds of blood diseases; the bitter seeds yield Neem oil used for all kinds of ailments and more importantly as an insecticide in organic farming to keep the pests away, the flowers are refreshingly bitter in salads, the roots and bark even from a dead Neem tree is of some medicinal value, if you can find somebody to buy; but all these benefits of Neem tree pale before its real value as a tool in the hand of witch doctors to beat the demons out of people,” Juggernaut concluded.

“Physically beat the demons?” Dan looked surprised.

“Not the demons, the people possessed with the demons.”


“Tender branches of Neem tree are used to whip the person believed to be possessed by the demons until the demons weep and cry loud through the host voice begging the doctor to stop beating and leave the host in a hurry.”

“Why Neem tree braches? Can’t they use branches of say Mango or Citrus?”

“The branches of Neem tree have plentiful soft thin leaves looks more like pom-poms and emits strong characteristic aroma of Neem that drives the demons crazy along with the verbal abuse from the witch doctor with each lash.”

“Verbal abuse?”

“Yes, verbal abuse, it was not only the physical impact of the lashes on the person that drives the demons away since the Neem limb lashes land softly on the person without causing any injury to the person possessed; the witch doctor uses derogatory and insulting language as a psychological warfare to demean the demons with each lash to drive the demons out. When the weeping and wailing stops, then the doctor knows that the demons left the host person for good.”

“Have you experienced any treatment of that sort to get rid of demons in your head Juggernaut?” asked Dan.

“The only experience I came close to Neem tree was sipping sweet, sour and bitter concoction served during New Year celebrations made from brown sugar, tamarind, and bitter Neem flowers as a symbolic gesture of bitter sweet events yet to come as New Year begins.”

“Does the bitter sweet mixture send any message to the demons in your mind?”

“I am not sure but I am ready for few lashes from a witch doctor with Neem tree limbs as long as he doesn’t break my bones to get rid of demons from my head,” Juggernaut looked anxious.

“You rub some Neem oil on your skin before you get ready to receive the lashes, I don’t know whether the demons would leave you from the lashes but sure you get thick skin and that’s good for you considering you were at the receiving end in many aspects,” Dan looked at Juggernaut as if he should go for it.

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