Every Thing Is Fine

Script by: Juggernaut


Submitted: April 08, 2011

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Submitted: April 08, 2011



Everything Is Fine
Subba Rao
Everything is fine;
That’s what my father said all the time.
Great sense of humor;
Caring and unassuming;
High tolerance towards nonsense;
Subject to mood swings;
Many his patients,
Paid very little for his services;
Other mostly poor,
Couldn’t afford to pay anyway;
But he treated them all the same.
Impulse buying was his weakness;
Bought stuff lots of it;
Never to be used.
Ultimately besieged and beleaguered
By his indulgence.
He died thinking everything is fine;
That’s my father
Information Technologist
Never argue or quarrel with anybody;
Friendly to everybody;
Observing and making mental notes,
her everyday business.
Her mind is full of information
recorded every momentto be retrieved effortlessly.
At 85 she is still a growing bank of information;
If she were to born much later,
could have been an excellent information technologist.
That’s my mother.
What was He Thinking?
Easy going and laid back;
Did everything on impulse;
Expansive habits;
Consequences never an issue;
He left in a hurry;
Finished full life in half time;
That’s my brother.
Non confrontational;
Accepts lot of crap with a smile;
Sometimes vague;
She is my sister
Clever like Fox
Inflicted with debilitating health issues at childhood;
Left with serious learning disabilities;
Nevertheless learned lessons of life,
from school of hard knocks.
She is crazy at times but clever like fox;
She is my kid sister.
Opportunities Missed
Gifted with talents,
but none to benefit from.
Slipped opportunities;
Selfless and good hearted;
That’s my kid brother.
Late Arrival
Never stand up or speak out;
Ready to compromise;
Worked hard to gain knowledge
and skills.
Crossed roads with lot of jerks,
at every turn in the career.
Bad karma, perhaps.
Could have been a contender;
Apprehension and hesitation;
Delayed arrival at the destinations;
Still enthusiastic and optimistic;
That’s me.

© Copyright 2016 Juggernaut. All rights reserved.

Every Thing Is Fine

Status: Finished

Genre: Non-Fiction


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