From Donkey's Mouth

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A conversation with donkey named Roy on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012



From Donkey’s Mouth

Subba Rao

Eddy is a real eccentric; he abandoned his house when the utility company asked him to upgrade wiring in his old house and moved into a structure he built close to the ocean on a piece of land he owned. The structure; half rickety cottage and half tent with his van providing additional living space. He was a substitute teacher and now a free spirit selling fruits from his organic farm.

“Is that donkey yours?” asked Juggernaut.

“Yes, a friend left the donkey with me when he left the island for the mainland,” replied Eddy scratching his bare chest.

“You are also an organic farmer?”


“Is donkey the source of nutrients to the plants?”

“Along with other sources you don’t want to hear.”

“No, I don’t want to hear; well nice meeting you, do you mind if I pet your donkey on my way out,” asked Juggernaut carrying two large heads of lettuce Eddy gave as a welcoming gift.

“No, not at all, be my guest.”

The donkey in a friendly gesture licked Juggernaut’s hand. “You know when I saw from the distance, you reminded me of Roy, an opening batsman for the West Indies team in 70’; he was strong and stable batted patiently to wear down the bowlers,” Juggernaut rubbed donkey’s neck. “Can I call you Roy?”

“Sure you can call me Roy, I like the name; Eddy calls me with a Spanish name I don’t particularly care,” “I don’t know much about cricket, I heard about baseball played mostly on the mainland,” Roy licked his upper lips.

“Certainly it was no insult to Roy to name a donkey after him; donkeys in their own right are strong and dependable animals, a great animal to be a pet.” Juggernaut rubbed Roy’s ears.

“Thank you; you were kind to give me a name to celebrate a cricketer and talk to me; most people want to pet a dog, cat or pony, hardly any visitor to Eddy walks up to me to pet,” Roy raised his tail as a friendship gesture.

“Well for me, a donkey is as good or even better than a horse, dog or a cat to be a pet; you are friendly, stable, strong and more importantly very patient,” “how donkeys ended up on the Big island of Hawaii?”

“Well, from what I understand, donkeys were brought here to carry coffee beans from plantations to the factory mostly during night times thus we were called ‘Nightingales’ but then when trucks started hauling the beans we were let go into the wild;, since then we were on our own roaming in packs, once in a while few were rounded up for adoption and I was one of those lucky ones.” Roy polished off two heads of lettuce Juggernaut offered.

“I see whole lot sugarcane looking more like grass growing wild on abandoned plantations that is good eating for you.” Juggernaut looked around to see overgrown uncultivated sugarcane now grows as cane grass.

“If I can roam freely, certainly I would chow down sugarcane and wild mangoes on the ground; I see tourists stop to pick up the mangoes dropped on the ground from century old mango trees around here,” Roy looked around with sense of satisfaction to see large mango trees at a distance.

“Well Roy it was nice meeting you, certainly I will drop by to have a chat with you again,” said Juggernaut and gave a big hug holding Roy’s neck.

“You know everybody wants to hear from horse’s mouth, you were only one like to hear from a donkey’s mouth,” Roy licked Juggernaut hand to say good bye.

“Well, I am different,” said Juggernaut walking away slowly on lava rocks with sharp edges like razor blade.

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