Give Me a Break

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On surface, some issues Juggernaut don't get it, when he gets to the bottom of the issues, it is always "Give Me a Break," feeling.

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



Give Me a Break

Subba Rao

What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

TV talk shows went berserk in India. It is interesting to watch some interview shows on YouTube in which celebrities from various fields and others with colorful background were interviewed. A transgender woman gives such an articulate account or her life experiences it draws tears. There were several such stories and then from those returned to mother India after living abroad for decades. Their account of their experiences needs to be taken with a grain of salt. For example, a doctor in an interview says he came to America in 60’s because his hand writing was so bad he could not further his post graduate studies in medicine in India. One wonders how poor handwriting hinders advancement in any field particularly in medical field. Is it not doctors known for poor hand writing?

As a surgeon, this doctor with over 20 million dollars saved in US, went back to India to open a socially conscious Hospital. It was a great success story by any measure. But when he emphasized on the taxes he paid in US on the vast amount of money it sounded as if he has a gripe against tax evaders in US which was totally understandable. As a doctor he worked hard in US and paid tax on every penny he earned while some businessmen could have avoided paying some taxes. The doctor had a choice either to pay taxes due or take chances with IRS. He did the right thing to pay taxes in full. Paying taxes is not a personal virtue to crow about; it is a duty and tax evaders if caught pay heavy penalty in US.

On his comment on doctors employed at his hospital in India as money hungry and can’t wait to make quick buck, perhaps he has to make clear that the positions at his hospital was more for gaining experience at less salary. If doctors can make more money elsewhere why would they stay with him? To save over 20 million dollars, the doctor had to earn twice that amount in US and now he is planning to build 1000 bed hospital in India. That’s good for him. But what’s wrong with young doctors in India to be ambitious like him. I don’t get it. Give me a break.

Living abroad whether it is 5 years or 5 decades don’t change the inborn traits and engraved native cultural beliefs and biases, they always remain as core characteristics. In the adopted land, sure people acquire new skills, local accents, food habits, attire, etiquettes etc., to fit in local culture and society but these are all superficial like Teflon coating.

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