Happy Cake Day

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Happy Cake Day is celebrated on December 25th with no connection to Christmas celebrations; is it not icing on the cake.


Happy Cake Day

Subba Rao


“Happy cake day,” said the girl operating the elevator at the newly opened mall in town.

“Happy cake day?” Juggernaut was perplexed since he never heard that greeting before.

“Yes sir; today is happy cake day.”

“OK, happy cake day to you.”

“Thank you.”

“How you celebrate happy cake day?”

“Well, we share sweet cakes with friends, relatives and fellow-workers today.”

“Today is December 25th.”

“Yes, on every December 25th, we celebrate happy cake day.”

“Today is also Christmas day,”

“Umm, yes, yes; today is Christmas day,” the girl behaved as if she just remembered the significance of December 25th besides happy cake day.

“Do you celebrate Christmas?” Juggernaut was curious.

“Not really, we Hindus do not celebrate Christmas but we share cakes on December 25th.”

“OK, what kind of cake you like?”

“I like sweet dark plum cake, but I eat any kind of cake particularly the icing on the cake,” the girl was really into cakes.

“Well, have a nice happy cake day,” juggernaut was about to leave the elevator having reached the 4th floor to the food-court.

“Sir, you didn’t tell me what kind of cake you like?” insisted the girl.

“Umm, I like chocolate cake but without icing.”

“Without icing? that’s the best part, any way try HMS bakery in the food court, it is the best place for cakes you know,” the girl was friendly.

“OK, have a happy cake day,” Juggernaut moved out of the elevator looking for HMS bakery to buy a large slice of chocolate cake to celebrate Happy Cake Day for the very first time in his home town in India.



Submitted: February 17, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Juggernaut. All rights reserved.

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what a lovely idea happy cake day :)

Mon, February 27th, 2012 2:04am

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