I Don't Like Shiny Metal Objects

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350 tons of gold is imported to turn into gold jewelry each year in India. Is is not crazy in a country where basic sanitary facilities are at ground-zero level.

Submitted: January 26, 2012

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Submitted: January 26, 2012



I don’t like Shiny Metal Objects

Subba Rao

“How come you don’t wear your wedding band?”

“I don’t like jewelry,” Juggernaut looked at Dan with a look why you are asking me this.

“No jewelry at all?”

“I don’t like to wear shiny things, period.”

“Why?” Dan looked at Juggernaut though not facing him directly.

“I consider Jewelry is something to watch in a glass case at a museum.”

“Are you saying that millions of people that wear jewelry are crazy?”

“No, I don’t feel comfortable wearing any kind of jewelry.”

“So, you never wear jewelry any time in your life.”

“My mother could have been responsible for me to wear jewelry as a child in celebrations of some kind. But as a young man I never wore jewelry of any kind, I thought wearing shiny things is tacky.”

“You know India imports 550 tons of pure gold and 1200 tons of silver every year to keep up with local demand for jewelry.”

“I feel sad that so much money that can be used for more productive purposes are frozen in form of jewelry just make people feel good about themselves.”

“Investment in gold is a smart thing since its value is always on the rise all the time.”

“Sure, but how many people buy gold jewelry to sell to make profit, perhaps none; gold as an investment is different from buying gold as jewelry,” “To turn 550 tons of gold into jewelry is like freezing life saving blood into a solid block, unusable and useless.”

“You invest in gold then not gold jewelry?”

“No, I don’t gather shiny objects, only crows do.”

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