I Put a Brahmin Curse

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A curse from a Brahmin is something to fear since it follows the recepients until it strikes for their wrong doings.

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



I Put a Brahmin Curse

Subba Rao

“What do you mean you will put a curse on any person that either directly or indirectly impacted your life negatively?” Dan has a look of question mark on his face.

“Some of the People crisscrossed my life inflected pain and suffering on me. These people to save their incompetence and fear of me getting ahead of them, robbed me of opportunities to show my abilities. In most situations I was defenseless to retaliate and they got away with it. Some of them were my classmates, few were my professors, and others were fellow workers and supervisors at work places. I used a passive ancient art of putting a Brahmin curse on them as retaliation,” Juggernaut stretched his hands with palms drooping to give an impression of a defenseless person.

“What is a Brahmin curse?”

“Well, I born into a Brahmin family and the curse I place becomes automatically a Brahmin curse.”

“Do you have to conform to certain requirements such as vegetarianism and performing daily rituals to maintain Brahmanism?”

“Caste is not a cult. People born into a specific cast and thus acquire the caste. Conformity torigid rules and daily routines was not necessary as in a cult to maintain the caste identity. A person born into a specific caste lives and dies within the specific caste and that’s that. I was born into a Brahmin family and I will die as a Brahmin irrespective of my lifestyle. People born into other castes don’t conform to any rigid rules to maintain their caste identity so as Brahmins.”

“Is Brahmin curse is more potent than curse placed by a person other than a Brahmin?”

“Since I am a Brahmin my curse becomes a Brahmin curse. I am not sure whether it is more effective than a curse placed by people of other castes.”

“Tell me thus far on whom you placed a Brahmin curse and how it resulted,” Dan stretched his legs on the desk to hear the story.

“Between 1969 and 71, while I was a graduate student in Orissa, India, two of my classmates put me through grief for no reason except I was getting straight As. I could not take their insults any more so I put a Brahmin curse on them.”

“What happened to them?”

“It was over 40 years ago, I never saw them again. Now we were moving on to Trinidad in early 70’s in the West Indies at the University of the West Indies. My Ph.D. supervisor distressed me and another Professor blocked a post-doctoral fellowship offered to me at an Ivy League school in US so I placed Brahmin curse on both.”

“Have they suffered from you curse?”

“I believe so, my supervisor could never fulfill his life-long dream of migrating to USA and the other Professor has retired without becoming the Dean of the faculty.”

“And that entire outcome from your Brahmin curse.”

“I would like to believe so.”

“OK, keep going.”

“Now, we are in USA; at my work place I have the misfortune of working with a supervisor for over 10 years. He was a refugee from Iran lived in India then came to US. During the ten years, he refused giving me challenging projects. A case in point, a soil remediation project in San Diego required somebody with knowledge in soil chemistry like me with a Ph.D., and yet he hired an outside consultant with no knowledge in soils to do the job to keep me away from getting lime-light. For this and several other misdeeds I placed a barrage of potent Brahmin curses on him that resulted him got fired.”

“You believe that your curse caused him his job.”

“Yes, I strongly believe because of my curse he lost his job and almost went to jail.”

“Who was next on your curse list?”

"Bill was my new boss and he was nice to me for three years until he learned on the job with a six figure salary and then railroaded me. I placed a potent Brahmin curse on him for his sin.”

“How Bill doing know?”

“He is still working at the same company.”

“How your curse affected him if he is still working at the same company?”

“My curse hovers around the recipients waiting to strike any time, it is matter of time.”

“Has your curse backfired to hurt you?”

“Well, I fell seriously ill several times, involved in car accidents, my 401K tanked twice and some of my investments went south for good. I was not sure if these events were resulted from backfired curses I placed on others. Knowingly or unknowingly I never caused any loss or mistreated others. So my conscience is clear.”

“How about the doctor on whom you put a curse?”

“A doctor used good name my father and brother built over several decades practicing medicine and yet extorted money from my mother to vacate the clinic. I put a curse on the doctor to suffer the consequence of his greediness.”

“If you have to single out, on whom you placed the worst curse?”

“The curse I placed on Bill for railroading me.”

“Do you wish a specific kind of loss when you place a curse?”

“My curse is generic in nature; I neither have the power or intent to impose a specific punishment. The purpose of my curse was to make them feel the same pain they inflicted on me by their unfair and discriminatory behavior, or to make them feel repentance for their dishonest acts. It is up to god or superior being to administer my curse. A curse is like a cell phone call; it goes up to the higher authority for authentication before it struck down the target like unmanned drones that strike the terrorists all of a sudden from nowhere.”

“Is your curse is person specific or continue to effect family members?”

“Strictly person specific unless the entire family involves in the conspiracy.” Juggernaut looked like a teacher explaining a concept.

“What happens if the recipient of your curse is a Brahmin like you? Does a Brahmin curse on a Brahmin become ineffective?”

“A curse is a curse. The recipient whether Brahmin or not has no power to neutralize the oncoming curse placed on them.”

“Have you ever put a curse on your own relatives?”

“Some of my relatives belittled me and throughout his life my father was taken advantage by many close relatives but I never brought myself to put a curse on them, I just couldn’t.” Juggernaut looked helpless.

“So you do draw a line.”

“Sadly yes.”

“Have you put a curse recently?”

“Yes, I did put a curse on a woman from Wisconsin sub-rented a cottage from me in Hawaii and never paid her fair share and the landlord that stiffed me of my deposit money.”

“Have you withdrawn your curse from anybody in the past?”

“No, I never withdrew my curse once I put it nor I have the power to do it. I wait a long time sometimes years of suffering from their misdeeds before I put a curse on them, therefore my curses were well justified and final.”

“OK, it is getting dark, time to go home,” said Dan and walked out only to return back into the office in a hurry.

“I thought you left?” Juggernaut looked surprised.

“My car has a flat tire; have you put a curse on me?” Dan gave a suspicious look.

“Yes, a garden variety.”

“Why, what I did to you?”

“The 50 cent raises you gave me over the years was totally unjustified, I do lot of things around here you know, I could not do anything about it so I put a curse but requested a lighter version as a special case.”

“I can’t believe this,” Dan walked out to replace the tire and Juggernaut followed him to lend some help.


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