Madras, Jefferson County, Oregon, USA

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There is a small town named 'Madras' in Oregon, USA, What?

Submitted: April 07, 2012

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Submitted: April 07, 2012




Madras, Jefferson County, Oregon, USA

 Subba Rao


“What?  There is a town named Madras in USA?” Dan expressed his surprise.

“Yeah, there is a town named Madras in Oregon State here in US,” Juggernaut replied as matter of fact.


“What you mean why; anybody can name a place Madras or New Delhi or Calcutta in any part of the world.”

“You mean there is a place called New Delhi in USA?”

“Yes, there is a small town in Illinois in USA named New Delhi, so what?”

“OK,” I got it but there must be some reason or connection to name a place after an established or well know name; there is no town in India named ‘Washington’ or Lincoln.”

“True, but India is an ancient country with villages and towns named hundreds and thousands of years ago; they can perhaps change it now to any other name preferable to the citizens but again they have more serious problems than changing the name of their town.”

“Like what?”

“Like having toilet connected to an outside underground sewer line not draining into an outside open sewer or worse into a septic tank contaminating the groundwater.”

“OK, please don’t drag me into your favorite subjects ‘septic tanks and sewage treatment,” “Let’s get back to Madras in Oregon,” Dan seems annoyed.

“Well, a small place in Jefferson County in Oregon was named Madras in 1903 probably for the cotton fabric imported from town named Madras (now called Chennai) in India, the town population now is around 6000 and perhaps none of the citizens now care to know why their town was named after Madras in India.”

“Is there anything special about Madras, Oregon?”

“Well, there is a regional airport named ‘Bombay Farms Airport’ near Madras and actor River Phoenix now dead was born in Madras.”

“Do you think people of Madras, Oregon should consider changing the name to Chennai since Madras in India was changed to Chennai?”

“Hell, no; we Americans are leaders not followers, we don’t follow other nations,” Juggernaut was serious.

“True, true,” Dan rubbed his both his cheeks up and down with his right palm to sooth himself.




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