Making of Messaih

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In democracy to get elected, the candidate with super star status is a prerequisite or better a messaih.

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013



Making of Messiah

Subba Rao

“Welcome to our show OM for open mind, as you know we invite people from all walks of life to open their mind on this show to share their views without any inhibitions or reservations, this way you can reach out to millions of our audience,” said Subhash Indrajit Roy (SIR) the talk show host. He gave a warm welcoming introduction to Mama, a political leader representing the people of oppressed castes in Southern India.

“Thank you for having me on your show, I appreciate the opportunity to open my mind to the millions of your audience,” concluded Mama making himself comfortable taking a sip of water placed near him.

“First of all, please explain why people call you Mama or uncle?”

“Well, though mama means uncle it is a made up abbreviation for two caste names that start with Ma in our state, as you know the people that born into these castes were treated like dirt and looked down as untouchables for thousands of years in our country,” Mama wiped his eyes.

“Born into an upper caste of no choice of mine, I have no words to express the deep sorry and sympathy for the disgusting treatment laid upon your members of the caste but with legislation to protect your rights and open opportunities in education and employment, your caste made significant headway in the society, is it not?” Sir was very sympathetic to Mama.

“Yes, in the last forty years, we made progress in most fields, some of the members of our caste were now prominent doctors, engineers, businessmen and administrators in various government departments but we still remain as outsiders in state politics.”

“Please explain your outsider status in politics.”

“Numerically in every constituency we make up a significant portion of the electorate and yet we never get a ticket from the two major political parties to contest seats, this is unfair and unjust. We started our own political party called Chanda Mama with our party symbol a full moon in dark sky. As you know Chanda Mama means moon that shines only during the night as we were shoved into menial tasks during night like clearing night-soil for ages. Unfortunately we were not getting the attention we deserve in the public or in media while the two major political parties dominated by the upper castes were getting all the media attention,” Mama looked frustrated.

“Do you know why either you or your party Chanda Mama not getting any traction to attract the voters?” Sir looked at Mama, as if he was looking at a student in a classroom.

“No, I don’t. We are getting votes from members of our caste but none from other castes particularly the upper castes,” Mama looked clueless.

“Because your party has no messiah to spread the brand name to the voters across the state to get elected.” Sir concluded with condescending look.

“What you mean messiah?” Mama looked confused.

“The two other political parties each have their own messiah on their side. On their name recognition and strength, candidates with no standing at all were getting elected. In election campaigns you notice the candidates stand along large cut-outs of their messiah to attract and excite the people to vote for them. How your party expect to get recognition and win elections without an eye catching and vote getting messiah?” Sir looked at Mama with a serious look.

“Well, we have Mr. Ambedkar born into untouchable caste and yet became the architect of Indian constitution,” Mama looked proud while mentioning the name of Ambedkar.

“True, but he died over 5 decades ago and people only remember him on his death anniversary.Your caste members need a living messiah with good orating skills or better a good singer or even better a great dancer.” Sir was affirmative.

“We don't have a living messiah among our caste,” Mama gave a blank look.

“Consider yourself a messiah.” Sir stretched his both hands with palm open pointing towards Mama as if he was looking at a messiah.

“What? How I could be a messiah?” Mama was in disbelief.

“Anybody can become a messiah; it is a three step process. The first step in making a messiah is to become a movie actor, a famous one.”

“We have no movie actors from our caste currently, as matter of fact no movie producer wants to caste anybody from our caste in their movies. The movie industry is dominated by upper caste, if any, our caste people get minor roles as extras in only fight scenes,” Mama gave an earnest reply.

“You can be a movie star.”

“Me, a movie star? You can see I am totally bald and with my stutter I have trouble completing a sentence let alone delivering a dialogue.”

“Being bald is a plus for an actor, any kind of wig to suit the character would easily fit a bald head like yours and you just lip sync your dialogues while others would dub dialogues for you.”

“As you can see I am not good looking or worse I am downright ugly, my parents have to pay a big dowry to a woman to marry me,” Mama was really opened his mind and heart.

“Beauty is in beholder’s eyes, in the eyes of your movie fans you will become a handsome god or even a sex symbol, you have to believe in yourself.”

“Look at me; I am dark almost black that’s why I wear white clothes all the time to avoid the risk of getting hit by moving traffic on the streets during night time.”

“If there is a place in the world where the color of the skin is of no consideration, it is in the movie world. Using high tech computer programs like paint and air brush, you can appear as fair as a white person, your skin color is least of your problem,” comforted Sir

“But I don’t have acting skills at all.”

“You don’t need any prior acting experience; with a good director, great dance music and plenty scenes of violence and romancing with fair skin women, you will be a successful movie star,”

“Why I should I become an actor with all the improvising? Are you serious Sir?”

“To become a messiah, you have to become a movie actor, a super star first,” revealed Sir in a matter of fact way. “Say, how many people of your caste live in the state?”

“I would say around 40% of 100 million are from our oppressed castes.”

“OK, if you can mobilize most members of your caste to see your movies to make money for your producers, you will become a movie star over night, I have no doubt in my mind,” Sir closed his case.

“Certainly with caste feeling running high among our population, I am certain my people will patronize my movies.”

“That’s all you need to become a super star over night, after few super hit movies with your movie poster cut-outs exhibited all over the state, you will become a messiah for your people throughout the state.”

“Yes, yes,” Mama was gripping with excitement.

“Then as a messiah you will become very popular among the general population.”

“And then?” Mama looked anxious.

“The third and final step for you the movie star turned messiah is to become the leader of your political party Chanda Mama to get elected and help others in your party to get elected. Without a living messiah, your people will never get equal standing with people of upper castes in politics,” concluded Sir.

“My name Mama while popular now, doesn’t sound right for an actor,” Mama expressed his doubt.

“Since your party symbol is Chanda Mama or moon, Chandra is another name for moon, you can call yourself ‘Chandra Kanth or moon light,” suggested Sir.

“Brilliant idea; the name Chandra Kanth sound stylish for a movie star and with this name I will get millions of fans across the caste lines to become the next messiah to lead our Chanda Mama party to power to kick the upper caste members from the legislative assembly for good,” Mama got all animated in expressing his feelings.

“Well, Mr. Chandra Kanth, you have work cut out for your and I hope to see your movie poster cut-outs all over the place soon,’ concluded Sir.

“Thank you sir, your insight helped me to open my mind and showed a path way to success in politics. You will see a super star Chandra Kanth turned messiah to show his viswarupa to become the choice of the people across the castes in coming elections,” Mama looked overwhelmed from the life changing event, thanks to Sir, the popular TV talk show host everybody loves to watch.

The talk show host Sir became so popular,the TV channel was named SIR after him and his face appears in a small square 24/7 on the screen even when the channel was off the air as a station identification.

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