Mind Set or What

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Views of a nice and friendly conservative lady on current issues that baffled Juggernaut.

Submitted: July 04, 2011

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Submitted: July 04, 2011



Mind Set


Subba Rao



“I live north of Pittsburg, my husband and I were retired recently,” said graceful looking lady sitting next to the Juggernaut in the flight to St. Louis.

“I see.”

“I am visiting my daughter in Omaha; her husband is a senior executive at a large food processing company.”

“That’s good.”

“My other daughter lives in upper New York, she is an attorney.”


“One of my two sons graduated from Wharton and works in Manhattan.”

“Wow,” “The other son?”

“He is an Asst. DA in Pittsburg.”

“Very successful family.”

“We are blessed.”

“True, in deed.”

“We gave two years and he failed, no second chance for him, he has to go.”



“I see.”

“The unemployment is still high and at unacceptable level,” “the housing fore-closure crisis is still continuing,” “the two wars are still being fought,” “the National debt is still hovering well over 15 trillion,” “the budget deficit is still at unacceptable level,” “40% of students fail to graduate from High Schools and 60% fail to graduate from colleges.”  “American industry is still investing in foreign countries,” “China and India are still stealing jobs from us,” “Obamacare is nothing but socialized medicine we don’t want,” “Middle East is still in turmoil,” “experts say the unfunded liabilities could reach 75 trillion in not too far distant future and the dollar will sink to the bottom.” “Obama promised  to solve all these  and he failed, we have to vote him out.”

“The plane landed in St. Louis.”

“Juggernaut got up from a momentary nap and noticed the sophisticated woman sitting next got up and getting ready to leave.”

“So what is the immediate pressing problem the country is facing now?”

“Illegal immigration and gay marriage rights,” she said, leaving in a hurry to catch a connecting flight and didn’t even say good bye before leaving.”

“I am not sure you know,” murmured Juggernaut, his voice was drowned in the noise.


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